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Monday, September 19, 2005

Just Got Home.. Trying to Catch Up.. Watching Norcross

He is so good to watch. Really good.

Breathing a little easier for the Miami area and worrying more on Key West.

A Cat 3 in Key West will cause a lot of damage. A lot. Not the sort of devastation Katrina wrought on the Gulf Coast but enough to mess up the town. Enough to have loss of life.

More so.. the lower keys are more of a target for trouble. They are smaller.. low lying and not as big or high as Key West. Everyone will hunker down.. hope for the best.

In Miami.. some people have put up shutters. Most not. I figure if you got them.. you may as well use them. Heard a lot of talk by people today who are considering buying shutters who have opted for accordian vs panels. They figure if they will use them.. it is better than having shutters that they may not put up because of the hassle.

Listening to TWC and Bryan Norcross. Makes you feel so much calmer to hear Bryan talk logically. He is so good.

This storm is nothing to play with and nothing to laugh off.

You take each storm as they come. They are all different. One can bring rain.. one high winds, one squalls that hit hard.. one that brings tornadoes.

National Hurricane Center doing a beautiful job with their track and the discussion at 5 was excellent. Let the big boys do their job and if adjustments need to be made..they will.

Right now Rita doesn't look as good as she looked earlier this afternoon. Maybe it is interaction with Cuba to her south. Maybe a lot of things.

Keep watching.

Going out with some friends from Key West for dinner.. and then I'll be back.. staring, watching, long as I have electric.

Everyone stay safe.. windy here.. gray in all directions, heavy cloud cover.. trees are whipping around. Not going far, near the house and winds not that high.

Birds flying about wildly here.

Oh..and my son is staying with his girlfriend in Miami Beach so hoping we don't get a bad problem. They have shutters... second story house..should be okay.

Should you ever really say should?
Hmm Yaffah?? wondering..

later, Bobbi
ps.. everyone who wrote.. thanks for your prayers.. keep praying!


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