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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Aletta Forms in the EPAC ... Is Bud Not Far Behind? Atlantic Quiet. Gives You TIME to BUY Hurricane Supplies

Aletta formed yesterday in the EPAC as their hurricane season officially got underway. Aletta has a buddy to it's East closer to land that will soon be joining along in the westbound travels named Bud. What is interesting is how far Aletta formed West as did the previous disturbance that never got a name. Usually the A and B storm form very close to the beautiful Pacific beaches of Central America not that far out.  The waters further out are warm enough to support tropical development while systems closer in struggle a little longer. 

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Names for the storms are below:

Nothing much happening in the Atlantic Basin.

Pool of warm water off the E Coast.
Color on imagery there as forecast.
Nothing very tropical today.

The volcano death toll only climbs.
It's not getting much media coverage.
Something about lava flows being more sexy I suppose
Hawaii vs Guatemala?
Lava colorful.
Ash deadly and depressing?

Many studies have been done trying to tie volcanic eruptions to strengthening of El Ninos yet no real consensus has been arrived at but everything in science is studied from solar storms to volcanoes if you have a scientific mind that is curious on discovering new facts or squashing an old scientific theory. That's what science is about... an idea, discovery, discussion, evaluation and a possible theory that may or may not hold up to the sands of time. Quotation from the article linked to above, please read it and think a while on the possibilities while appreciating the time and work put in to the study. Some good story for a change as the death toll is not in the 70 range with over a hundred people missing still. And, the seismic activity continues.

An evolving story as most are that are based on Earth Science. Our planet is always in motion be it above in the atmosphere, below in the magma or ocean currents always flowing as they vary in temperature dependent upon all the other facts involved. Convection moves, oozes, flows. 

And we watch and try to prepare as best we can.
Easier to prepare for a hurricane than a volcano...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

On my last days of vacation down in Florida.
More to come... as things develop.
As for the Atlantic ...start counting 7 to 10 days.

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