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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Updated! Start of Hurricane Season. Yellow Circle Up in GOM! Bonnie Tries to Come Back to Life. Repairs After Hurricane Sandy Going On STILL. Nursing, Music, Discussion and Tropical Trends. #ITONLYTAKESONE

New Yellow Circle in GOM 20%
JUNE 1st.
So much to talk about...

We are still watching Bonnie mind you as well...

rgb-animated.gif (720×480)

Today is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.
I'll talk about that later... but first let's go back to Bonnie.

She's acting up. 
Got spin again.
Close to warm water.

You can see the various water temp sites here.
Note the Caribbean is a lot warmer than the Atlantic.
Check those links out please.

Good link below with multiple views of Ex Bonnie

There's a river of tropical moisture moving N thru the Atlantic.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Note that big spin up in the Atlantic in blue.
Might be another one soon.
Early modeling took remnants of Bonnie to Europe.
Go figure.
On the north side of the High...
...has to get there first. Barely moving.

I have friends who do astrology.
They do charts for hurricanes.
They do charts for the hurricane season.
This is my chart below.

Day 1. 
Early June.
This year June is NOT too soon...
Just saying.

So first look low at all those tropical waves.
Then look up and see that BIG HUGE HIGH
Off the coast of the Carolinas is Bonnie.
She likes it there. She may have friends join her soon.
She's just hanging out, looping, lingering.
When systems linger it's never good.
Bonnie is not going to be a major player.
But as a minor she's putting up big statistics time wise.
And there is a possibility Bonnie could get her name back...

We are also watching an area in the GOM

Some discussion on

Discussion on Twitter as well... 

Much discussion today on remnants of Bonnie
And much discussion on Colin in the Caribbean.
So much to think on.
As for Bonnie she is being closely watched. 

avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

The floater is still up at NHC site.
I'm currently getting steady rain from her remnants in NC
Insert smile...  on the edge but getting Bonnie rain.

As Dr. Rick Knabb said on TWC this morning...
"they can send planes in at any time"
I might have missed a word but...
...that's basically the quote.
If it warrants they will review the situation

Reminds me of the song from Oliver..
Is Bonnie up to old tricks?



Going to go a bit long here to discuss this peculiar hurricane season as we are still watching the remnants of the second named storm and discussing the possibility of Colin forming in the Caribbean crossing Florida and that sounds like a rerun of the year 2012. It's not 2012 it's 2016 and no two hurricane seasons are the same and not La Ninas are the same remember as I will remind you again this is the ultimate reality show. Everything happens in real time and not always what we first expect to see after viewing the long range models. So sit back and hang onto your seat and enjoy the ride because this is NOT your typical Hurricane Season. 

Speaking of sitting back TWC has this new set. I don't like it. Sorry guys, it reminds me of too many days sitting in a kindergarten chair listening to some teacher tell me what my kids are like after she had them for a week at Back to School Night. Okay sometimes I was the teacher, but you get where I'm going. I never made the parents sit in the little small chairs. 

I am looking forward to Jim Williams at Hurricane City kicking off the season with his show online tonight. He's wonderful really, there are few people I know who I can shoot the breeze with for hours talking hurricanes. He is one of the best Hurricane Historians we have today doing great work on this website and online educating people to the dangers of Hurricanes. Will have a "hurricane" today sometime in his honor, he is one of the best! We do have our traditions you know... Again Jim talks WHERE not HOW MANY. He discusses areas that are most likely to be impacted this year. Worth a listen and you can watch on your own time if you don't want to sit back with a hurricane tonight or a good beer and listen in...

Normally we start off the season June 1st begging people to believe there really will be a hurricane season. We wander our way through June and July promising something will develop. Begging people to sit up and take notice and prepare. This year a sense of urgency is already in the air as models sniff out possible trouble almost every day and tropical waves are lined up like ducks in a row out in the Atlantic. Hmnnn the BIG HUGE HIGH is in place too... 

The only analogy I can make is a new born baby coming out of the womb after a rather easy Natural Childbirth. The doctor is busy with the nurses, getting ready for the afterbirth (Google it..) and hands the baby to the young mother to nurse for the first time on the delivery table. So New Age... Yes some people do that. The mother takes the baby to her breast, starts nursing slowly, smiles and after a few minutes the baby looks up and says "Okay can we switch breasts now???"   


Hey I was in NY my daughter does a whole lot of breast feeding... it just popped into my head. It's almost anti-climatic to act excited to see them talking tropical on TWC as we are looking for Colin not the A storm. My daughter, who is big into breastfeeding, lives in Bayswater on the bay. She will soon have to move out of the house she loves on the water so the owners can "lift it" so that it will ride out the next hurricane better. Personally I'm worried how that will work considering most of those old beautiful homes are in bad shape, very weathered and not sure how they will ride out the storm in actuality rather than theory. But drive along the water in many parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island and you see old homes hoisted up on blocks.

I covered the numbers of this old beauty on Norton Drive.

The view from those windows is the water.
This view below.

Bayswater is beautiful community at the bay's edge.

On a clear day if you look to your left you can see the lights of Manhattan.
A never ending view of planes taking off and landing from JFK.
The street is ruled by the tides or heavy rain.
It floods a bit often. 
My daughter was cut off for a while this year.
Ice flows in a bad winter move towards the shore.. street.
It's an awesome place unless it's during a big hurricane.
Lots of damage. 
It took almost 4 years to repair some of the damage.
Ongoing work.
Some homes and buildings boarded up.
Other areas have bursts of beautiful new construction.

Sandy was not a nice Hurricane.
Unlike Bonnie of 2016 or Beryl of 2012.
Maybe it's something about election year hurricanes?
Donna 1960

Seriously though..
Perhaps Bonnie is the perfect storm...
She didn't cause much trouble.
Gave us a dry run to work on our models and formulas.
A dress rehearsal of sorts.
No trouble, no pain but she got a name.

By the way we are supposed to call storms "IT" vs "she"
But this is MY blog so I'll do what I want.
But for the record it's an "IT" 
And IT can use any bathroom or do whatever it wants.
Cause it's a tropical system. 
They have their own unique quirks and so do I.

I'll be back to write more on tropical trends in the Caribbean 
Tropical possibilities in the Gulf of Mexico.
And the odd chance that Bonnie could come to life again.
Small odds but pretty sure you'd by a lotto ticket still.
Just one ticket.
Know why?

Cause it only takes one!

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Ps ... Scrooge set to music with a twist. 
What an idea.

Why aren't there any Broadway musicals about a hurricane?
Just musing..

Bonus track for a friend...


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