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Saturday, May 28, 2016

UPDATED...Tropical Depression Bonnie Barely Moving on SC Coast.

Not much to update other than Bonnie has been downgraded to TD
Still lingering on the coastline... moving Northish up the coast.
If it gets out over water it could redevelop a bit...tho waters coolish.
What would you like me to say... it's an "ish" system.
What I will say is the end game has a wide spread.

Bonnie remnants could be out to sea...
or raining for days causing localized flooding.
Stay tuned.

Water temps here tell the story.

at_sst_mm.gif (640×400)

To the south there is a flare of convection without a center..
..that's fun to watch.

The Bahamas may be a breeding ground for a while.
Will see.
Texas again getting heavy rains.
And a bit of the old "fire hose" set up for Carolinas.
Moisture funneling in from the SE

I hate to quote Mister Ed but...
I'll update later when there's something to say.

Have a great Sunday, enjoy it.
I'll update as events change if they do.

Besos Bobbistorm
ps... keep reading my logic is the same below as last night.

Tropical Storm Bonnie is the cloud mass by South Carolina.
NOT the 2 round balls in the Bahamas.
Just being clear here.
Bonnie is a very weak.....
....barely there Tropical Storm.

Intensity seems to have verified.
Track has changed a drop in timing not location.
Yesterday Bonnie was moving slower to the coast...
...then that shortwave trough forecast to pick her up..
Spoiler alert...the shortwave trough not mentioned tonight.
Note Discussion from NHC below...

"cyclone should begin to move north-northwestward and then northward
during the next 12-24 hours between a mid/upper-level trough
and west of Bermuda. advancing into the eastern United States and 
a building ridge near"

Don't mean to split hairs here... 
...but they usually are big on continuity in discussion.
Either way if you look at yesterday's cone vs today 

Now it's at the coastline.
The time line is slower. Much slower.
Might be downgraded but the rains will persist.
My original concern but it was supposed to move faster.
Will...could mess up the holiday weekend financially.
Unless locals decide it's barely a tropical storm and go anyway.
Wonder if the State of Carolina can sue Bonnie?
Just being silly but much to do about nothing.
Nothing right now... 
Still concerned on localized flooding.
Especially with a system barely moving.
See more NHC discussion below.

Radar image...

Not an impressive radar signature.
I'll be back Sunday morning later with a longer post.
More discussion and we will see what Bonnie looks like then.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... looks like the name Bonnie will be staying on the list again.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Hesh Meister said...

Yesterday (May 30), Long Beach, New York had rough surf and a thick marine layer of fog rolling in from the south, off the ocean. Am I right in suspecting these were effects of Bonnie, not terribly far to the south?


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