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Monday, May 30, 2016

Tropical Rain from Bonnie on East Coast and Texas Storms. Next week possible tropical formation again. Enjoy the Day!

p120i.gif (750×562)

The big story for the next day or two is the heavy rains that will be falling along the East Coast beaches and coastal towns.....and Texas. Texas will be getting huge amounts of rain. I put the word Texas together there twice as it bears repeating. On the East coast we are getting "tropical rain" and I say that because that is what they said last night on the local radio station in Brooklyn. Tropical rain moving in our way from the remnants of Bonnie. Or perhaps we could call it the weather area associated with the remnants of Bonnie. But it did rain heavy last night in Crown Heights. It might still be raining, but I'm in the basement looking at loops of the Caribbean not local radar loops. Go figure huh? Okay I just checked the radar loops. Yes...there is tropical rain. And that is mainly the legacy of Tropical Storm Bonnie. Rain and rip tides along the beaches... off and on over the Memorial Day holiday.

In most places it won't be enough to keep people away from the beaches.
Out of the water maybe but sun tanning, BBQ and play time is fine.

Ed Piotrowski says it all with pictures on Twitter.

Look at that sunrise 3 hours ago in North Myrtle Beach? Wow.

So there's a little tropical rain...

There may be a system forming this week...
Think very long term.
Think long shot.
Think models.

I'll say currently when that many models agree.. it's worth watching.
Above he says the CMC is on drugs and many agree.
You read a lot of funny things on Mike's Weather Page on Facebook.
People from all walks of life.... 
From weather lovers to professional weather people.

He hit a big milestone this weekend.
He has 65,000 fans.

Let me put it this way.
Mike from TWC has only a few more.
Not that we are competing just saying...

So I decided to highlight a post from his Facebook to show the model.

It's possible and not all that improbable.
How strong of a system is the question?
Stronger than Bonnie?
Look at the water temperatures in the GOM.
Then subtract points for possible shear.
The answer is keep watching.

at_sst_mm.gif (640×400)

From the Caribbean up through the Yucatan and into GOM...
Warmer oranges over a greater area.
I'd say the area is primed for development.
Yet there is shear always.
So keep watching.
But models do agree on formation for now...,-85.554,4,18

I have some anal retentive friends who ask me...
"Why does he move things around so much? Adds sites?"
Answer is he watches what his viewers are interested in...
...and Mike adds in links he feels are valuable.

Where is it?
Follow the Red Road down down down....

Great link... play with it.

As for me I'll be playing today too.
My kids who went camping in the mountains are back..
I have money I need to spend on Kingston Avenue..
Going shopping... hanging out.
Enjoying Memorial Day and remembering...
Those who made this day possible.
Our soldiers who fought for our great quality of life!

So give thanks. Enjoy.
This coming week we can obsess on the models and more tropical action.

Today... go play in the tropical rain!
Be safe but smile and send pics!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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