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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hail Gone Wild. Hail From Hell..Cat Adjusters Will Be Busy in Texas. Hurricane Season Thoughts on Hold. Architecture and Hurricanes.

Huge swaths of hail damage throughout parts of Texas yesterday.

Hail attacked a house entering from the windows...
The comments on the Facebook feed are priceless.
From sheer terror to wondering why people are upset about the blinds...
The house, the car... deadly sort of hail.
Hard to think of hail that way.....
... when you live in places where quarter size hail is big.

Reminds me a lot of The Birds.
I knew a boy a long time ago who loved that movie.
He loved Hitchcock and scary stories.

The way that house is being attacked reminded me of The Birds.

Usually a hail video is more like this. 
Great kid. I see meteorology or storm chasing in his future.
Or both...

It's one thing to see snow falling gently silently to the ground...
...or to listen to the tinny pitter patter of sleet on a tin roof.
Okay ... we don't have a tin roof. But sleet makes you feel like you do.
But listen to the sounds of the hail.

Syncopated sounds like jazz drums late at night by a noisy neighbor.

The Internet came alive around 4:30 PM yesterday after a wild hail storm.
You wonder on those passages in the bible before the Exodus from Egypt?

The average kid in bible school reads that and thinks... "right..."

Yesterday's hail storm in Texas puts the bible into perspective.
And yes... every thing's bigger in Texas ;) I know...

Starting off today with a huge weather story and not talking politics. Hail came down in epic proportions in Texas yesterday and almost immediately the footage was online everywhere.

This video is beyond bae. Google bae if you are older than 25.

The house in this video looks like a scene out of The Birds.
Under siege ... hailstorms from hell not from heaven.

 I was the keynote speaker at a Mariposa Cat Adjusters Convention.
I learned a lot about hail and the cost of the damage.

A link you may want to look at if you live in hail country.
Hail country is similar to Twister country.
Big, spring storms bring hail.

Kansas City.
Oklahoma City.
Anywhere in North Texas...

It's spring.

Florida gets hail often in the summer during big thunderstorms.
But not like North Texas yesterday...

A few weeks ago Texas had another big hail storm.

A video on how hail forms for those new to hail or curious.

Hail happens fast.
Note you can chase a hurricane... can sign up for some Twister Tour...

Hail Happens.
Hurricanes also happen.

After spring is the hurricane season.
For a peek at some thoughts on this upcoming hurricane season..

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

The tropics are there. They aren't going anywhere.
The storm system that brought hail yesterday is moving East.

Today's thoughts are really generated by my son.
He's getting a tour today of the Hurricane Center.
Not from a meteorological perspective (go figure)...
...but an architectural one.

Years ago I took him to Key West for a longer than usual trip.
And I of course took him to the NWS building which was new at the time.
They were always kind enough to let me play there a bit when in town.
Okay... I kind of borrowed the computers often.
Played a bit on the rooftop launching pad for their balloons.
Pretended to be Marilyn with my tropical blue skirt.
I had to take my spiky high heel sandals off because of the grid ;)

And then the wind hits you ....BOOM!!!

He's a good kid. 
Wants to build big buildings in Miami that will withstand hurricanes...
...storm surge and rising water levels.

They let him launch the weather balloon or well help launch the balloon.
And then watch it float away...

Yeah we were very excited when the new offices opened up in Key West.
Though have good memories of seeing water spouts by the old one ....
...time moves on as I said yesterday.

That's me in front of the NWS building in Key West.
The yellow arrow is up where I was barefoot..

So I Googled who built the building and it's a good read.

A good picture by Mike Theiss who takes awesome pics.
They are so bae. Private joke there unless you have a millennial.

So you be the judge.
Did they catch the feel of the wind and the sails?

The weather balloon lifts off a few times a day..
...depending on what is going on weather wise.

If you are ever down there. 
Drive by. Take a look.
Ring the buzzer, smile.
Tell them BobbiStorm sent you or you read about it online.
If they are not busy they are good with tours.
When they are busy... takes some pics.
Walk down the street to the pier and come back later.
Browse around the lobby and take some of the literature on display.

The Hurricane Center at FIU in Miami looks a bit more like a military facility.

offpic1.jpg (640×480)

Not sure who built it though I may know more tomorrow.

Life is about learning.
This morning I learned I was very silly in 2006.
That's what the Hurricane Season of 2005 did to me...
I guess ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on twitter.

Ps Water Vapor Loop of El Nino still in play on the West Coast.
Keep watching ... Epac season not so far away.

Crazy storm shoving, pushing it's way East.

sat_wv_west_loop-12.gif (640×512)

And in the Atlantic.

Energy is lingering East of Florida in the Atlantic.
And the storms will fire up again today further East in the Deep South.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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