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Monday, April 04, 2016

Guadeloupe Snow .. Caribbean Snow? Cold Front Wins But I'll Eat Ice Cream Any Day...Amtrak & Rambling Rose Songs and Thoughts After First Sunday Pittsboro

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Watch that frontal boundary cruise through Florida....
...and then drop anchor.

A lot of energy out in the Atlantic, lots of color.

tgsfc24.gif (768×496)

Tomorrow's surface map in the tropics shows this set up.
Stationary, Cold Front, Stationary.
All in one frontal boundary.
Note the black dotted line over Florida.
High over Gulf of Mexico.
High over Atlantic.
Almost looks like a grimacing face . . . 

You can watch this drama in the lava lamp loop.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Mike's got some great pages up on

ua_con_prec.gif (640×540)

The precipitable water chart reinforces the lava loop above.
A lot of available moisture down in the Keys and over Florida.

To learn more about that lava loop above.
It's a product description. It's pretty obvious but devil is always in the definition.

Easier to call it the OJ Loop (old joke) or Lava Lamp Loop.
It's official name is below . . .

Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS - Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW)

What does this all mean?
It's cold across the Deep South or colder than normal.
Down in Florida it's moist and tropical for this time of year.

Mike also has a Bay Day Map from Intellicast.

usa.jpg (500×375)

It's WINDY here so I'm in that Messy Hair Day Zone . . . 

Oddly yesterday weather was brought up as a possible problem for AMTRAK.
They rolled that back faster than some candidate's comments at Town Halls
I love Amtrak but they had a bad day yesterday.
Even worse was the map that CNN put up.
See you can't believe everything you see or hear on CNN.

As someone who loves maps... 
United States is NOT spelled that way...

Hey we all make mistakes.
An editor missed that one??

I want to toss out a few thoughts today like the first baseball of the season.

You may have missed it but it snowed in Guadeloupe recently.
Many probably those headlines were April Fool's Day jokes... 
...but they were real snow flakes.

There's good discussion on Youtube.
Yes .. I said that.

I'll let you and the experts decide why it snowed.
Either way definitely extraordinary indeed.
Loving geology almost as much as I love meteorology...
...I'm open to any interesting discussion or thoughts.
Mind you any volcanic activity in the Caribbean would not make me happy.
(for many tropical reasons...)

As for me up north ...Down South... 
Yesterday the sky was blue, so blue....
Windy, chilly... I wore boots.
Miami girl up north...
(up north is never capitalized by a Southerner...)

Went to Pittsboro for First Sundays.
A good friend is the coordinator. 
We go often... weather permitting.
Always different musicians.
Yesterday they had a Celtic sound.
This video is from a few years back.
Nothing much changes in these parts ....
....except the weather on any given Sunday.

Most of the locals head over to the City Tap.. 
Always great when they have live music...
Indoors or out by the patio.

662bc80f951bb2f6d0622486868a8743.jpg (736×487)

Incredible nano-brewery beer...
Their Scotch Ale is unreal.

They also have Artisan Pizza . . . 

Vermont has Ben and Jerry's
The Piedmont of North Carolina has Maple View Farm Ice Cream

In NC people take their ice cream really seriously...

It's an Artisan Fair.
They have Maple View Ice Cream.
(pick your college flavor)
I buy the Wolf Pack Flavor cause my daughter graduated from State.
But there's a lot of Carolina Pride going on this week.

A lot of talk about the big music festival coming up.
Check it out.

But yes yesterday was great for a day out in Pittsboro
Pittsboro was picture perfect day for taking Spring pictures.

When in Rome... eat Ice Cream and take pictures.

Whether I lived in California or Carolina or back home in Florida.
There's always an ice cream flavor to love...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Never be a toddler with a complex toy....


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