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Friday, April 01, 2016

Severe Weather - Saharan Dust... Many Types of Dust. What's Coming Down the Pike

I want to take  a break from Severe Wxr and talk on African Dust.

Great site. 

Seems my brother in Greece is suffering from dust allergies.
Yes he is allergic to dust mites ... but this is from Africa.
In the same way in Miami when Saharan Dust blows in we all sneeze.

This is the site I usually post. 
And usually I only look at the Atlantic.
Check out the Mediterranean Sea... it's solid red.

Up close and personal:

So while I do feel bad for my brother's allergies... 

I'm wondering how this affects the Hurricane Season.
Dust patterns can make a big difference in the viability of Cape Verde Waves.

Severe Weather is parked over the South.
In a few days... Winter will descend upon most of the NE and Mid Atlantic.
Again............ Winter never can say goodbye this year.
Wondering how long these late frontal boundaries will remain a player.

Please read yesterday's post as much is still valid.
And...there are some good Twister pics and video.

Oddly my mother loved this song and movie.
She would sing it and dance around the house.
Hopefully by Sunday my brother will be feeling better.

Thanks for reading.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. Link for that cute saying many know and many don't know.
Now I'm sharing it so we all know


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