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Friday, April 08, 2016

Something About Weather People. Snow Forecast in East, Warm in Seattle. Diving Fronts & Hurricane Memories.

conus.jpg (500×375)

This puts the current weather in the East coast in perspective.
Cold Canadian air is diving South all the way down to Florida.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Yes it is going to snow in April this year... pretty far South too.

On the other side of that note warm air is rising.

But who wants to talk about warm weather.
Only people in Seattle....
On the East coast all the talk is about snow in NE.
A twister down in Florida.
You can't get that much cold air down into Florida where it is warm..
...without some wild weather.

But it would be a cheap thrill to be talking on snow right now.
The snow is not the story though there will be some great pics.
Snow flakes melting as it hits the ground.
Young girls trying to catch snow flakes on their tongue ... a snowy winter's last embrace tracing memories in their mind.
"Remember when it snowed in our Senior year in April in New York?"

We look back at memories and wonder "why, why, why do we remember that?"

That memory you can't forget to not remember.

Scratch any weather person hard and they bleed weather.
They will rant poetic on their first....
Ice Storm.

They can't remember to forget.

It's a like a kiss in the moonlight.
How does one kiss linger in our memory ...
...when we've been kissed so many other times.

Why does a kiss in the moonlight erase all the misery that came later?


Just say the name Hurricane Andrew to a person who remembers it...
Ed Rappaport explains it in the link above.

As someone they will tell you they remember the sound of the wind....
The sound only a hurricane makes.
Twisters sound like freight trains... 
Hurricanes sound like...

Not 100% right but good video.
It you can film it .. it's not strong enough.
You know like if you can talk and walk you're not walking fast enough..

It howls. 
It moans.
It groans.
It whistles.
It screams.

It is a sound like no other.

And you'll remember it forever.

We wonder why we liked a song.... 
...why we danced like that.

Weather people have their own favorite weather..
But it's all the same really.

It's a memory they can't forget.
Like a first kiss.
A heart don't forget something like that...

Country, Jazz, Pop. 
It's all the same.
We are all the same.
Scratch a weather person and they bleed weather.

Scratch a geologist and they remember their first rock...
(Okay maybe earthquake memory or movie)
Google your own favorite earthquake movie.
This is not about geologists...

So as we move towards the hurricane season.
This year may own a memory you can't forgot.
Why did I say it that way?
Because once you had that sort of memory... it owns you!

Something to think on ...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps..... I still think Hurricanes should be named after women.
Because they are like a dangerous woman.
But that's not my decision.
Just something about .... 

Twisters of course should be named after men!


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