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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Worries on Weak System Forming in GOM or off FL? Sick of that "No Worries" Mantra

Is there something to worry on and where it is?

It's not the nice little low riding wave off of Africa.
The area today to watch is in the BOC
Tomorrow it might be in the FL Straits
Or... East Coast of Florida


TCHP.jpg (666×375)

A lot of oceanic heat content IF
a system forms there
however winds are not user friendly there
Might form somewhere else closer in 
as Florida has the "OPEN" sign up for weak systems this year

For now the flow is strong in that region.
Lots of shear there.

The shear is not strong everywhere.. by the way

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

The good news is the flow across the region right now is fast.
The bad news is that may not last.
Where there is that much moisture it needs to be watched.

The GFS says a system may develop.

Let's get real a day away from the start of the 2015 Hurricane Season...

NO ONE pays attention really until the EURO says "I SEE IT!!"

Many of us like the GFS.
Hey it's the "AMERICAN" model

But, in reality, the it's all about the EURO

The EURO is watching but hesitant for now.

No the song for the day is NOT "all about..." 

It is:


Start of the Hurricane Season.
Often little weak storms flare up just to help the Hurricane Prep Game.

So... bring on a small weak maybe TS somewhere.

If it makes people take it seriously...

as long as it's anywhere but Texas..........

Besos Bobbi


Just something to think on ... 
as this is NOT a 

Sick of hearing that stupid saying.
Sick of hearing people spouting numbers... 
Sick of illusions of "no worries" when any year can bring a worry.

PREPARE like its gonna be a bad year.
Then donate the hurricane food (snacks) 
or eat them and count the calories.

Now is the time to prepare.
Then sit back, relax and follow the NHC
And, your other favorite weather people.. like me!


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