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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tropical Storm ANDRES. OBAMA at NHC. Will a Weak HOME GROWN System Form off Florida in a Week or So? Keep Reading

Funny how a word means so many different things...

In Tropical Meteorology ...
we mean a system born "close in"
"home grown"

Home Grown Tropical Storms 
They are prone to happen in seasons like this... 

Why you ask?

A lot of wind shear out there from El Nino

Note the flow from West to East.. 
Note close in from Cuba to the Carolina Coast
Along FLORIDA there's purple.

Every one's talking.
Are you on board?
Mike's Weather Page is discussing it..
Twitter is full of tweets
Everyone hedging their bets with ...
"we'll see"
"models are hinting at"

When the NHC says something official I'll be blogging.

The tendency is there ... 
A multitude of surface features interacting.. an area of lighter shear 

Watch the tropical moisture below

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Am I on board?
I'm definitely watching...

And.. so is the President of the United States.. 

The first storm of the Easter Pacific Season
was upgraded by no one other than the President himself..
and the forecaster at the NHC

He was there today..
Along with the Secret Service it seems...

Nice ....
Maybe he can throw them a bigger budget..
..for a better telephone... 

Andres is by the way a beautiful storm..
forecast to become a strong hurricane
maybe a major...

2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season is forecast to be weak..
2015 Easter Pacific Hurricane Season is forecast to be strong.

We got trouble... in river city or any city along the coast
or inland... inland flooding...

Besos Bobbi

Ps...........Could the "B" storm be there some where?
Like 2012... A storm, B storm born close in.. Home Grown

Keep watching.


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