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Monday, November 12, 2012

TWC Storm Names... Brutus a Bust... btw...

It seems TWC will now come under fire for naming inferior storms in the same way that the NHC often comes under fire for naming a mediocre, marginal storm.

I knew they had a problem with the On Camera Meteorologist pointed to what was left of "Brutus" and she said sort of nervously "you remember Brutus, our last winter storm??" with a nervous smile.

Again, "remember our last winter storm Brutus" ...

If Brutus was so memorable on a societal level...they would not have to remind people about him...would they?

Wow he dumped early snow out west. The Ski Resorts are now opening earlier... more an economic "YAY" than a societal effect. Hope they have some advertisers for Ski Resorts.

"Still a lot of snow on the ground" is what he is saying.  Mind you Glacier National Park has snow...

The snow missed my kids in Ames, Iowa... sort of oozed around it much like the snow in Raleigh manages to stay at higher levels when Durham gets snow.

Here's a great map from Spaghetti Models... do you see a Wicked Winter Storm?

Snow yes... memorable no.

If they are in such a big rush to get through the alphabet we are going to have a lot of forgettable winter storms with great Greek names.

I told my husband about the naming winter storms idea. He laughed. He asked me if they were going to start with the 7 Dwarfs or maybe they should use Santa's Reindeer as names. He suggested they call Athena "Frosty" ...

That was kinder, by the way, than things that some of my weather friends have said about it.

And, yet... the social media seems to be using it as you can find hastags on Instagram and Twitter.

Google has a lot of hits.. mind you most are part of stories TWC has put out..

10 personal results26,600,000 other results.

How about Brutus?

About 4,140,000 results (0.34 seconds) 

That's mathematically a big drop off of interest. True Athena piggy backed onto the Sandy Coverage...

Now what? Let's check the actual news stories:
About 852 results (0.26 seconds) 

Dramatically less...and remember is now owned by the TWC.

Though Wunderground put out this comment with a post on one of their blogs.

By the way it is not favorable. 

Over history many storms received names before the NHC started naming them ... 
Old style was to name a storm after it's Saint Day. We all have Saint Days.
Well... the name of the Saint for that day. A storm on December 4th would be St. Barbara.
But, that was after the storm had had a SERIOUS SOCIETAL IMPACT ..not before.

I'm guessing they will wait to use Caesar for the developing Winter Storm that will make a mess
of travel for Thanksgiving. Many might remember it as that Winter Storm on Thanksgiving of 2012
Unless of course they watch TWC and call it Caesar or maybe Draco.

It's hard to believe they are doing this for any reason other than ratings and to build interest 
in winter weather. Mind you when they came up with this idea.. 2012-2013 was expected
to be a quieter, milder winter due to El Nino who was supposedly on his way ...

Now Brutus is a memory and barely that as they keep reminding us about him..

If you need to remind someone about a storm... it didn't have a very big societal impact, did it?

Stay tuned... shame they didn't name one Franco.. bet that would be trouble.

And, what will they do next year? Indian names? Gaelic ones?

I don't think they have thought this out...

They seem these days to believe that Entertainment and Reality TV shows will sell.. 

They think they have to make weather exciting for their viewers.

Name them or don't name them..

They will learn what Weather Web Sites online have always known... 

If a storm hits a major metropolitan market with lots of electoral votes :) it won't get ratings.

If it is larger than life, big and really does in retrospect have societal impacts.. people will tune in.

Lot's of luck TWC.. I'd wait personally and save the big Caesar name for the big Pre-Thanksgiving
Day Storm that the models are predicting. 

More on that storm later... models are getting clearer and I want to be sure on the timing, 
before I start talking on it.

Will it be a Caesar Salad for Thanksgiving Day or a real Warrior & Powerful Storm?

Only time will tell................


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