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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tropical Storm Leslie Exploding Tonight... Coming alive... Severe WXR in RDU area...

12 hours ago above.... Now below...current at 10 PM Sunday Evening...
She is really exploding tonight, size wise...strength wise and not going to wait until 11PM to post this as they most likely will mention it in discussion but wait to upgrade until they see consistency. They = NHC. Really impressive on the funktop... Meanwhile in Raleigh-Durham we are having severe weather warnings and a tornado warning earlier for Durham. They always get the strong weather. They = Durham. But, the line is moving this ... seems I'm getting some weather even if it's not the eye of the storm. Stay tuned... the show Leslie is putting on tonight is making me respect those models that insisted on explosive growth...though they were predicting it being further to the north and later. Can we...will we...ever get Intensity Forecasting right? Besos Bobbi Ps Kirk is gone... poof... rapidly zoomed away..


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