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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Historic Nadine Remains.... Up in the Most Storm Day Totals of Any Storms

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES East 12 hr Loop

There she is all the way on the edge of the world...or the satellite imagery spinning, breathing and alive.

So, Nadine has become one for the record books and is now rivaling the other longest tracking storms we have had since we have been tracking storms. Each at this point has a different claim to fame.

Nadine has now had what we call in the Tropical Biz... 15 Named Storm Days.  Which means obviously, it's been fifteen days that she has been a "named storm" that has been tracked. She alone greatly to the total "named storm days" for what has been mostly a lackluster year with regard to memorable storms. Oddly, this often happens.

How many people here remember Ginger from 1971 ...or would have even known about her had I not written about her awhile back.

How many people here even remember a storm named Esther in 1961? Or... a storm named Faith in 1966? There was Carrie in 1957... that unless you are a big fan of the name Carrie... you may not remember.... or maybe you liked the movie.

Alberto I remember well. My friend and I used to sit online watching him thinking he was never going to go away... Bertha in 2008 was a similar storm.

Esther tracked steady and slowly towards her ultimate landfall in the North Atlantic:

File:Esther 1961 track.png

Faith... much like Esther moved slowly and steady...

File:Faith 1966 track.png

Alberto in 2008 made a loop in the Eastern Atlantic ...

Inez with 9 storms days in 1966 I remember well... very well. I was a little girl... I wanted a storm, a hurricane... after Cleo and Betsy lit up my life I thought that every year we would get a hurricane... alas Inez did some weird dance move that shifted her way from hitting Miami dead on... though we got a few squalls... while AT school.... we did not get Inez. To make matters worse...she stayed in the news for days... the one that got away. She was supposed to move one point.. north over Cuba the way Cleo did 2 years earlier and then she looked as if she was going NE and then she swung ESE and missed Miami and went through the Florida Keys... hmnnnn. I was annoyed, out right pissy and I felt totally cheated. And, then Miami did not get another direct hurricane hit until 1992... with only weak Floyd sort of storms in 1987.

File:Inez 1966 track.png

Then there was Inga in 1969 who looked like she was playing Etch A Sketch in the Atlantic:

File:Inga 1969 track.png

Some storms do eventually hit land... and make landfall. But, they are just very, very, very, very slow movers. Such was the case with Beulah in 1967.

Nadine now goes down into the meteorological history books with the other slow trackers and long trackers shown above.

Stay tuned...she is moving to the WSW at 6 knots which means she will keep tapping into warm moisture, possibly into October...depending on if anything can pick her up and take her finally out to sea.

Besos Bobbi


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