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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tropical Storms Isaac & Kirk (and Possible Tropical Storm Leslie forming)

Hurricane Isaac has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. This means NOTHING as this is about the rain and the flooding, not the wind. The damage will be the same if he is a Tropical Storm or a minimal Hurricane.

Means about as much as the night I sat staring at the TV and they downgraded Andrew by 5 mph back down to Category 4 status. WOW did I feel better..............NOT.

Isaac's story is rain, storm surge, inland flooding and levee failures... NOT wind.

So, don't you pay any attention to that and don't go out and celebrate. We are a long way from this being over.

Looks the same to me.. big, wet and slow moving.

Actually he looks very well formed.

A reminder Tropical Storm Kirk is also out there spinning, though he is currently forecast to stay out at sea.

Here's a larger view for perspective and note... the area to the West will most likely be Tropical Storm Leslie in the near future.

Ummmm there is a another system behind the current Invest that is red at a 60% chance of forming...

Busy day in the tropics....

Besos Bobbi


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