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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Red Circle for Atlantic Wave

Bright big red circle for the Atlantic Wave this morning...

Models take it through the South route today, let's see what they do tomorrow...

I'd watch what happened up the road with the other wave to see what this wave might do. Conditions are not that different and yesterday's yellow circle closer to the islands is "poof" gone today..  Interesting for them to up it to 60% which obviously means the models "love it" and it has a low pressure center attached that looks like for the time being is going to hold it together.

AL992012 Latest Computer Models

Seems to be an Ernesto Event here ... coming together nicely.

It's raining lightly in New York City this morning where I am busy with follow up events from my daughter's wedding on Monday. A wild, awesome affair filled with music, dance, lots of family on both sides and assorted friends coming and going to either watch them get married, eat dinner and or stop in for the dancing afterwards. A "blended" event as it was a Lubavitch, Satmar, "hipster" wedding which you don't see you too often.  My daughter hula hoops... her friends came and "hooped" was wild..... so until I get back to my routine ...which should be sometime later this week.

Til then am looking at wedding pics on Facebook along with watching what might be Ernesto down the tropical road...


Besos Bobbi

Awesome cake... thanks to my ex... sweet
with purple roses


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