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Monday, July 30, 2012

Yellow Circle Atlantic Wave... Yellow Monday Morning

TC Activity

There should be a country song for storm chasers... Yellow Circle Monday...

Note that the old wave is where the models put this wave
in a few days...
that shows consistency and credibility to the models

The NHC has posted a Yellow Circle with a solid 20% chance of development for a wave that exited Africa recently. It's a weak wave as they go, the bottom line is the models like it. They actually develop it into a hurricane as it nears the island.

Too early to tell much but those models show it bending north after 55 which is normal ...the question is how much northward component to the westward motion... there are a lot of degrees of north in WNW as there are a lot of shades in the color purple.......

Busy with my daughter's wedding today.... will post tomorrow most likely and not before.

Great sites to follow along with Wave Watchers:

If I could put a purple circle I would but... they aren't conforming with the color scheme of the day..

Besos Bobbi


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