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Friday, August 12, 2011

Watch and Wait Day...

Today in the tropics is a watch and wait day.

There are FOUR systems being watched and yet none of them have yet to bubble up and bring home the name. So, we watch... we wait.

There is a slow ballet going on in the upper levels of the atmosphere and at the same time the lower level of the atmosphere. Moisture transfers from one system to another, around the highs, towards the lows.

The system known as 93 is cruising along, a sort of leash extends out towards the other lead system. Models take 93 far west into the Carib... long range models mind you.

Other areas to the northwest threaten to develop and yet don't.

For now there is a plethora of mediocre, but that won't last long.

So, go out and have a great weekend and enjoy life and check back in on Sunday night to see if some tropical system got a name or not.

Or... just keep looping every twenty minutes like some of us do to watch the creation of a new tropical storm.

Besos Bobbi


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