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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tropical Depression Emily 2.0 Upgrade Spins Just Off The Coast of Florida

She's an interesting storm. Predictable in her consistently unpredictable way. I knew this was going to happen, and to be honest, so did the NHC as they gave it a 60% chance of reforming. The models handled this track quite well as just prior to downgrade they had this track down pat.

Now what happens with Emily, the reformed school girl who is trying to pull it together one more time. Maybe it's too late... too little too late? I don't know. Will see, as she has a slim doorway for intensification as she is moving very slowly over VERY HOT water.

The Funktop image above shows just how close she is to the coast of Florida and Florida has indeed felt her effects all day. Then again, I'm not sure if those effects were as strong as the thunderstorm that woke up last night... a real old fashioned summertime, evening thunderstorm :)

There has been some sign of tentative banding, that comes and goes as is typical of this storm. Boy, won't the NHC be happy to move on to Franklin and get rid of Emily for good soon?

All models take her out to sea... some at different speeds than others.

The chance of her becoming is hurricane is slim ... so I suppose I was wrong on that call, so far anyway. The hunt for the first hurricane of the 2011 Hurricane Season is still on.

As for me, I had a most interesting week this week. Went a few places that I have always wanted to go to and had a bit of a vacation. I also have a better appreciation for the Northeast Florida beaches and how different they are from South Florida. Had I thought Emily was a real potential danger to South Florida.. I would have stayed for the weekend. But, I never believed in her enough to make me want to change my travel plans. A tropical storm like Bonnie last year was fun. A bad hurricane is not fun. Emily, was progged from day one, to be a no show. Glad I went north on what is going to be a trip up north for a few simchas (parties) and a bit of a family reunion, before being back in Miami in a few weeks. Sometimes travel gives you a better perspective on life, on yourself, the things and people that are important to you. In my case, my kids are strung out across the country and they are always moving about somewhere like a real life shell game, now they are here, now they are there. My mother is struggling with vision problems, which for a woman who is mostly deaf is a really bad scenario. I find myself comparing and contrasting different places the way Steven and I would compare Coke and Pespi, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, Jazz or Blues.

I know I love Key West. I know I love Savannah. Always have, always will. Fell in love with them the first time I ever saw them. Great cities with a karmic history that seeps it's way into your heart from the start. Other cities are fascinating in their way but it's not your cup of tea. As for me, going to have a little soup and go to bed and start over in the morning. Got a lot to do tomorrow morning.

As for those who never believe me how buggy Raleigh is, enjoy this video that Matt was so nice to post online:
(rolling eyes...however, he did a great job with the forecast, got to admit that)

As for Emily.... had this song stuck in my head ALL day today and going to leave you with it to enjoy. I do Zumba to it, however I think it's perfect for Emily tonight and for me and for life... live, love, try to be happy... I'm just a kid again, doing what I did again..singing this song... oh wait, that's from Jr. High... giggling.

Hey.... I be gone today, but I'll be back around the way...

The more I see, the less I know... but I know one thing... I love you, I love you, I love you!!

Sweet Tropical Dreams...



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