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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yellow Circle Over Florida???

This is a new one... somewhere from the Everglades and the Lake East is a big Yellow Circle with a 10% chance of developing and going W E S T into the Gulf...

Small surface low there somewhere... keep watching, curiously...a lot going on there with divergent air and a diving V of dry air and a nearby upper level low to the east of the area of really bad weather ... still to turn that into a tropical depression and take it west into the Gulf is to me a bigger long shot than the African Wave my friend is drooling over currently...

Nice wave far out in the Atlantic that looks to be like Colin.

And Colin has been killed off by the NHC for being a pissant annoying system who refuses to follow the game plan and not really worth watching. Of course, as soon as they killed him off he blew up orange again... Bermuda got weather.. just like Miami got weather in Bonnie but don't think I would say either were really anything more than tropical depressions..wayward ones.

Keep watching.. spent the day sightseeing in North Carolina with my best friend and her husband .... revolutionary war historic sites... Trader Joes, picnics on a hot August afternoon and going out to dinner tonight with them to a friends... wine and conversation and who knows what is planned for after dinner...

Will see... time will tell but we are really not seeing anything Tropically Exciting right now but in a few days... a week... WHAM...gonna be a real season. I think...

Besos Bobbi

Funky sort of event...not something I would normally do but we had fun being ourselves and well... had fun... want a REAL CAPE VERDE HURRICANE!


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