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Monday, August 09, 2010

Cape Verde Hurricanes... the Real Thing... not these wishy washy waves that can't spin properly...

Writing this blog this morning so y'all can see just what a Real Cape Verde Hurricane really is.. it's the holy grail of hurricane people...the real thing. This season has been full of wishy washy waves that barely made a named status and now we have a "broad area of low pressure" that is bright yellow over Florida and might turn into a crossover cane and move west and well... it's just not the real thing. Mind you it could cause a whole lot of flooding and trouble somewhere but it's not the real thing that we are trying to keep our eyes open for this snoozy hurricane season of 2010.

A good illustration of a Cape Verde Hurricane is this 1893 Sea Islands Hurricane that tracked across the whole entire ocean from the Cape Verde Islands tracing the outline of the big Bermuda High all the way to where the high ended and slammed into the beautiful Sea Islands of Georgia off of Savannah...a city whose luck ran out and will someday run out again. It doesn't get hit often but when it does... wow.

Fast forward to 1900 and the Famous 1900 Galveston Hurricane ... another Cape Verde Hurricane...

A flashback to the past... he's not Rick Sanchez or Dan Rather but he was all Miami had and he was the Man...Ralph Renick... Check out this old TV footage from the Florida Keys and Hurricane Donna. Early Jim Cantore sort of coverage with Dick Dale in the storm surge as the storm moves across the Keys.

How far we have come in coverage, incredible footage.. another Florida Keys Storm that was a Cape Verde storm...

The above footage is soo good that a house guest just came out of their guest room to ask me if there was a hurricane somewhere ... they are visiting from Miami and well... that's how real the above sounds of a Cane are... a Cape Verde Cane that is..

A good list of past big hurricanes...check out how many are Cape Verdes ...

Okay, his wife my best friend just came out and asked me what was really going on with the Hurricane...note to Bobbi... "never ever play hurricane videos at 9am in the morning with a house full of Miamians" :)

Here is a wonderful resource online explains excellent with graphics and discussion just what a Cape Verde Hurricane really is...and compare that graphic illustration with the one of the track of the 1893 Hurricane above and see how perfectly they match up.

So.... again it's not that we want to see death and destruction but understand there is nothing like a Cape Verde Cane for trackers, scientists, chasers and weather enthusiasts... it's what we wait for... its what we live for lol.. seriously... and they are rare and beautiful and often they recurve out to sea around the high missing Florida and the Carolinas...sometimes they keep going all the way to England, they make the complete circle... amazing storms.

Enjoy... BBC newsmen and weathermen doing a great song "nothing like a Cane.." ummm I mean a Dame :)

Besos Bobbi
longing for a real Cape Verde Cane....


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