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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Very Wet in the EPAC, Very Hot & Dry Across the South & Moving Days

Sitting here watching CMT and a commercial for Sonic and thinking we don't have one but lord would love a Jamoca Shake right about now. But, am going to take a bath and see if I can soak the dust off of me.

Today was the day the moving truck came... to take the bits and pieces of my life away. I am still here feeling like I am suddenly on vacation with an abbreviated wardrobe, a fridge full of yogurt and cherries and my laptop and TV. Everything is gone. My Hurricane Maps were sent up with my husband in his car along with the Old Country Roses and the yearbooks and my music box that plays CDs, Tapes, Digital Radio and songs that were put together for me over the last ten years while I compiled a collection of songs for every occasion under the weather which were not bought at the Five or Dime but specially made for me. How lucky can you get ( cue) so in the end... I leave with music, with maps and with a lot of memories.


will it get there in one piece??

Staying for a bit while my husband travels back and forth and I finish my work and finish the massive task of shutting down "the Meyer House" which is akin to trying to explain to half of America that Disney is really closing. No more parties, wayward teens looking for a sofa to sleep on or 'porch monkeys' or parties. The kids are mostly grown, living in way better digs than I ever lived and looking out for each other (and me) and I am moving up north to the Southern Town of Raleigh/Durham. Soon anyway.

The epac is very, very, very wet...and the SE part of the United States is very, very, very HOT.. so was like 98 in Ft. Lauderdale today which is just up the road from my house. The "feels like" temperature was 105 and ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS..............Summer of 1997!

El Nino.

Same stupid list... hurricane names, watching Epac systems and wondering if they were going to "cross over" and become a Gulf Of Mexico storm... Caribbean... anything, any storm... lord we were so thirsty for storms that all we did was talk hurricanes, duct tape and had the crazies, funniest summer of my life since I was a kid watching the boys play baseball at the Khory Leaque with Janelle. Yep, summer days down south in the old south... baseball, climbing trees, watching the boys fish for catfish in the canal and waiting for the afternoon thunderstorms to roll in from the everglades and boom boom boom loud and mean and hope to see hail fall out of the sky as if that was as close to snow as we were ever gettin'.

Yep.. I am a Miami girl.

I drink Cafecito to wake up, eat grist with my eggs and when I get dressed up I put on sandals with heels. How the hell am I gonna go do North Carolina I wonder which to me... seems about real Northern. I mean it has NORTH in the name.. it's called the Old North State! Southern, Southern.. it is Southern Bobbi..and my Grandma did tell me that the South would rise again so I guess it will just have to rise with me living in North Carolina. Lord Have Mercy.

Okay.. I went on a tear here.. didn't mean to. Sorry.

Back to weather.

Epac... Pacific off the coast of Mexico has moisture, tons of it..and it may be oozing across into our neck of the woods but I would not hold my breath if I were you!

El Nino is a force to contend with and any time change happens in my life it is always an El Nino Year. Seriously... really...

IF you live in the Continental United States, a place we weather people fondly call "CONUS" then y'all watch out, drink your water, stay out of the sun and if my Grandma Mary was still alive she wouldn't be caught outside without a good parasol to keep the sun off of her. Drink your water, drink your sweet tea, drink....

It's going to get hotter before it gets cooler unlessin your sitting in front of a strong fan and the AC is working well.

Didn't know what to post today... thought there would be some good "Moving" songs but I couldn't find any that really spoke to me and Independence Day keeps nagging at me for some reason I can't remember and probably don't want to..

I youtubed "Moving Day" and got a clip from All in the Family which happens to be the day Gloria comes home with the news that she is having a baby and Archie finds out he is going to be a Grandfather and Mikey finds out he is going to be a Papa and figured perversely that works as it kills two birds with one stone.

Happy Father's Day to all my friends out there in online land... hope you had a great day with your kids, grand kids or a cute pooch who loves you! If you couldn't spend today with them..spend another day with them, what is in a name afterall? IF you had to work.. I will quote my Daddy, "you gotta do what you gotta do" so do it and that's the way life goes.

So...enjoy this clip and a few other musical ones that tell a story that there are no fitting word to tell and I would not even try to tell it in this very public forum but you know who you are..

Thank you for the music, for the good times and for the long talks. Thank you for dead corn stalks and the chiming clock which I am actually taking (go figure) and the music box and the hurricane maps and well.. I am just moving up the road and (oh shoot why did I suddenly think of the Jeffersons theme song lol) and... I am still Bobbi and I will still be around and I will still be posting and wishing I was in Key West and watching tropical weather... and seasonal weather and any weather.

This is not the move I planned on or the move I thought I would make but as a good ole friend often preaches to me... you got to trust in the Lord to give you what you need and sometimes when you let go of what you have you get something better. (don't wince and don't chuckle)


Still here another two weeks or so... at least but I don't think there will be any Florida storms any time soon except afternoon thunderstorms!

moving day...

Great song... the boxes are packed up and gone but I am still here a little longer, finishing work, tying up the details and getting ready to shut down this place known as the Meyer House... party house, hang out and am shutting down the party I guess because it's time for me to move on...

Waited too long, hung on...waited... nothing more to wait for so I packed up my life and am moving on...

Deep sigh.... well ... it is time for me to move on... you can't wait forever and you can't sit on a fence forever, sometimes you just got to take a chance.

AS for Miami.. I Will always come back and forth to Miami, the Keys, Hollywood Beach but in a little while longer I will be gone... that song Independence Day the song that keeps playing in my head... Let Freedom Ring...

Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning...

It's time for me to fly... away...

Sorry if I rambled but.. it's been a big day for me... and suddenly with everything gone I feel so much more free... nothing here to remind me... strange but true.

Drink water and if you can't drink ice cream!

Besos Bobbi

Going, going...gone...


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