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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is an ULL???? Caribbean Weather

This is one picture but the loop below will tell the can't figure out the weather by one picture... like life it takes a many words to tell a story properly. Pictures are words, they say something on their own but they don't tell the whole story.

What is an ULL you wonder? Well, if you don't wonder.. you will soon as you will hear me mention them a lot.

ULL - Upper Level Low

Well, here is a great glossary to use and definition:

To dumb this down... it's spinning up in the atmosphere but not down below and when you have an ULL parked over a region it stirs up the atmosphere and you get rain on the "dirty" side of the low.. and it looks like OH WOW and then poof and then a little later we do it all over again. You can't have good development with ULLs all over the place so ... my question is... the predictions for shear based on models was for it to get more conducive not less... shows me something is wrong with the models right now.


With conditions like that down there it's not going to be easy for anything to start spinning at the surface and get going. But, there could be tragic rains for places like Haiti where a strong afternoon thunderstorm with flash floods can destroy a village and have massive loss of life. Just because a storm does not spin doesn't mean it can't cause trouble and hurricanes can form and re curve out to sea and cause no trouble.

This is a strange June..there was snow in New Mexico yesterday, there was snow somewhere else the other day.

Tragic news story out of New Mexico as well:

Bad Lightning Storms in Atlanta and Dallas... please do not stay outside when a storm is that close...

Telling you the weather is whacky this June and though June may be too soon I think some member of the El Nino family is playing pranks on Mother Nature.

Went to the beach yesterday for lunch.. beautiful, just stood there, walked in the water and stared down while the gentle waves created little whirlpools of crystals shining in the turquoise sea... stunning.

Look at those colors...

Besos carpool is really late and have to go find out why... I know he isn't at the where is he?


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