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Monday, June 08, 2009

The SW Carib Storm is in Hiding :)

I never liked storms forming in the SW Carib. People watch and watch and watch and nothing happens... ever... or almost never.

So...going to let the loops loop and the music play and go to sleep early... watched blobs never form, you have to ignore them.. pretend they don't exist lol.

I still think when it gets closer to Cuba or in the Florida Straits that's the time it could develop.

Speaking of the Florida Straits.. my son and his friends are down there this week, lucky them... beautiful down there isn't it?

Beautiful everywhere when you have friends...

Going off... posting these links to these three beautiful songs for three very different types of friends.

Love and kisses... from balmy, tropical Miami.

ps..did I mention at work we had water damage ..AC, rain damage... my son's school had AC/Flood damage.... water was a foot deep on parts of Washington Avenue... we aren't supposed to tell... the Better Business Bureau and Tourist councils want you to know we are fine, fine..fine.. just a little moldy, cough cough lol. Sh.... you didn't hear it from me!

Poof! Gone... like Mr. Eraserhead erased it away...

a favorite:

and to all my crazy weather friends i have known for years...

(thank you Doorman... and those who know ...who they are !!!)


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