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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Which will it be?

Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew?

And, never the twains shall meet said Mark Twain!!

Okay, maybe that was Shakespeare ...

There are three faces of the Tropics.

El Nino (where mother nature dresses up in some dastardly costume and puts on a fake mustache and speaks with a Spanish accent carrying an orange rose with thorns between his teeth trying to woo Mother Nature.)

La Nina (where the weather fairy comes out and shakes her magical wand and sprinkles weather dust across the land and we have WEATHER.... Hurricanes... )

NEUTRAL That's sort of a no man's land where you can't tell if Bob or Pat are a girl or a female and you don't care because there is no discrimination and everyone ignores them arguing if El Nino is coming or La Nina is starting.

We are I believe going into some strange sort of kwirky El Nino and that may affect us or not. Andrew was in an El Nino Year... sometimes they come on slow...and sometimes they disappear, hard to know for sure until you see the pearly whites of this teeth clutching that deep orange-red rose.

Picture above looks like we are at Yellow Alert and about to go Orange Alert.. look, you read, you decide for yourself!

Everyone is talking about it... and we are wondering... are we going to see Roberto or Roberta this tropical season??

You know me.. love a handsome guy so.... I'll go with El Nino. Also, I've seen the sats and been watching them and noticed the strange weather patterns.

Here's some links where you can read up on this hear weather discussion by a few experts and a jazzy, tropical tune we know and love so you will know where I'll be this afternoon while you are trying to figure out the deeper, synoptic side of atmospheric weather!!

Besos Bobbi

Ps...tropics today...come on Pretty Mama...


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