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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

..TROPICAL STORM ALBERTO FORMS 1st Named Storm of the 2024 Season Now Here On Way to Mexico. Can Yellow Circle in ATL Find It's Groove Too? Flooding in TX


Not your Momma's typical Tstorm.

Yellow/orange is WIND
Little wind at the very broad center.
Not your typical TS signature.
But it did get a name.
It's fame will be the flooding far away.

Kind of karmic actually that the very first named storm of the 2024 Hurricane Season is the best example for why the NHC changed their cone, to highlight dangers outside the center of track in the infamous Cone. As the black warning always there on the Cone shows.... but I'm highlighting today as there are indeed many hazards far from the center of the small, developing tropical storm down in the South Gulf of Mexico headed towards a landfall in Texas. 

The details are above and details matter. So since details matter I want to put emphasis today on the fact that beach cities far from Alberto are having coastal flooding from a set up, from a pressure gradient that is sending huge, steady swells into places such as Surfside Beach where almost all the homes are built HIGH up on STILTS as that area is very prone to flooding from real hurricanes and similar set ups. 

Leading here with iCyclone because one thing I do love... appreciate about him he is all about facts and the truth. This is NOT all from a small developing tropical storm that looks like every other small tropical storm that formed down in the Bay of Campeache and hooked into Mexico that barely made a ripple on beaches far, far away. 

Note the tightly packed isobars N of Alberto.
That is what is propeling the water onshore in Texas.
That's what the flooding is from.
And, this isn't a sudden storm surge.
Different, though end result is flooding happens.

It's important people understand this and yes it's providing photogenic, awe inspiring images of a sea of water below covering all the homes by the beach and while it's compelling it's not from a small, typical early season tropical storm far to the South. It's the set up connected to the huge CAG that's spiraling around endlessly taking up a good part of the Eastern Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico and a pressure gradient that is just propelling the water inland, incessantly being pushed inland and again that's why those homes are built high up on stilts. 

This is a satellite imager of Alberto.
Has that embryo look developing storms get.
There is weather everywhere as in a Super Storm.
But it's not a Super Storm it's a small TS

But this "set up" reminds me of other Super Storms.

Super Storm of 1993
Covered a lage area.
That's why we called it Super.

Current image below of Alberto...
and it's associated CAG
convection far away.

Going wide... 
..this is the beauty of weather.
So much is connected in the atmosphere.

The set up currently is different from the one that produced Hurricane Andrew or any westbound, hurricanes moving steadily towards landfall directed by the Highs and Lows that help dictate it's track in most circumstances. Later in the season we will have real hurricanes, big hurricanes and we will forget about Alberto and the huge gyre known as CAG ....though it'll be back later in the season. The end is always tucked in the beginning as the old saying goes and that especially happens in Hurricane Season when we revisit tropical systems forming around the Yucatan. 

History is filled with "junk" storms or as I might say picayune, pesky storms that need to form in the Bay of Campeache before we can move on real storms forming far away that will travel miles to go before they make landfall and possibly show up in history books years from now.

There are the facts today.
Alberto the Bottom Line from NHC

Broken down it reads... 

1. Don't focus on forecast track.
Rainfall and flooding far from the center.

2. Heavy rainfall with flash flooding possible.
Central America
Elevation plus rain equals flash flooding.

3. Moderate coastal flooding in Texas.

4. TS conditions in warned area.
Warned area for tropical storm conditions a huge area.
TS conditions far from center of Alberto.

Moving on to ATL side...

20% in 2 days.

There's more color, more convection today.

Watch the loop.
Whatever forms...if it forms.
Is gonna be propelled West.
W or WNW or ???
Moisture from Alberto feeds North.
A low will go to a low.

Will it develop?
Time will tell.
I'm watching....

High to N pushing down.
Getting a bit of a circular form.

Yellow circle around Alberto.
I can't.
I just can't.
We can deal with this later.

Need to take a shower....
...and move on today.
I'm done.
I want to have some fun!

I am so done with the whole CAG.
Want African Waves.

I am who I am.
No apologies.
I love weather.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Twitter mostly weather
Insta whatever

That's it for the day, unless something crazy happens later weather wise in the tropics. I'm going to watch videos from Texas. I've been to Texas numerous times, mostly driving through though spend the weekend in San Angelo (loved it) and never been down to the beaches there that do look beautiful. Maybe I'll put that on my list for places to go and things to do. But for now, got other things to do today and possibly tonight. 

Absolutely loved Gretchen Wilson a while back, blaring her lesser known songs on the radio before I played on YouTube or Spotify. And, yes I am the girl I am.... while I try to figure out what's missing and in what ways I want to start again. Need to make some minor changes in my daily routine, but I don't mean writing or the blog as I have gotten paid for writing for a long time and at times it's who I am. Need to figure a few things out and I will with multiple notebooks, pens, lists and music blaring in the background. Not gonna apologize for being in love with weather and geography and maps and music and dancing. Love research, researching history, hurricane history and all kinds of history (why you need maps) and writing and love being at the beach in a wild storm with the water all foamy and only a few surfers out there while chasers chase and locals come to take a look.  That's the girl I am.


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