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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

TS Tammy Forms from Our Red Alert 94L ................................. Not Yet! "Regardless" Gale Force Winds Present. Models Curve It Away... A Look at the World Today, Weather Wise and Otherwise.

I got busy with life. Updating now.

Tammy is far out to sea currently, though could impact the Islands depending on her actual track. She is expected to stay a Tropical Storm, but early forecasts are usually wrong so let's see what she's got under the hood. 

That's a lot of cities with wind probs.
Before it makes the great turn.

Moving fast. That's why watches were posted.

It's a minimal TS currently.

Current pic above.
From this morning below.
I think it looked better this morning.
Go figure. 

Keep reading.... NHC went with upgrade.
It is what it is and it's Tammy!

While there is a signature it's weak...
... not fully formed.

We can see Invest 94L
There but not really "there" yet.
You can see the front.
There's an area of moisture in Carib.
Could that form?
Always that question in late October.

Again we see how a weak tropical wave can get further West than it would had it developed a month ago in September vs October. Question is does it form? Question is... does it matter if it gets a name as the result will be the same. Gusty gale force winds possible near or in the Islands, heavy rains can cause flooding. Note below there is special discussion on that part of the Atlantic and the forecast for gale force winds "regardless" of development. 

Most models curve it out to sea.
Mid October this year feels like early November.

Random cafe in Netanya.

Thanks for your patience, it's been hard for me to keep to a routine since the attack on Simchas Torah and I know many people who have lost family members in Israel. While my family is here, my heart is in Jerusalem and it's painful to see a beautiful place, land, people, country be torn apart with such violence and in addition propaganda and sometimes agenda driven news. When I was dating a long while after getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, I would tell guys who were interested that I had no plans to make Aliyah as my kids all live here in America. Those of you who know me know I love America, I love my Jewish Southern family history that's been here and in the South for generations (I just did the math, yes generations   1800s to 1900s to 2000 Ha!) but I also have family in Israel (cousins) and so many friends I can't begin to list that did make Aliyah over the years. I was there for my daughter's wedding in January of 2017. It was cold, homes there are not built as insulated as they are in America but actually enjoyed the cool dry air. Israel is a mix of many things, cultures, religions, geographic regions as the Negev is a desert and the coast looks like the French Riveria. The stores in Netanya on the "Mall" look like they could be in Florida on the Hollywood Boardwalk (complete with a pink flamingo??) and yet when you are in Jerusalem everytihng tastes, looks, smells and feels different. There is a holiness in Jerusalem that is alive, vibant as in it's just special. My view out the window of my In-Laws home in Netanya looked like Southern California where I lived for many years except there were orange trees in the meridian of streets and it was allowed to pick an orange if you wanted!  Hope and pray to go back some day. Til then I look at pics and watch live cams on YouTube.

2 of my daughters and a grandson.
We had a Henna Party
No pics of dancing but was fun.
My son-in-law's mother is Persian Jewish.
His father is Yeminite... they do Henna parties.

The wedding was like a fantasy... beautiful.

The night before the wedding we went to the Wall.
Also a family custom, we prayed.
A few of us did the tunnel tour.. OMG.
History lessons galore..
 Ritual Jewish Bath from Roman Days.
A local minister in Raleigh told me he did the tour..
..and the ritual bath from Roman times was wildest.
So if you get a chance someday... 
... do that tour!
Most people on the tour were not Jewish...
...from all over the wall. 

You can Google the Jerusalem War Tour and watch.

So thanks for reading. Some have asked me how I'm doing and it's been hard to explain and I do try to keep the blog and Twitter focused on weather but the weather in the news has been a flood of emotions, feelings and as a friend put on Instagram... well this covers it well. But moving the muscles and doing things I have to do and saying prayers. My daughter-in-law's father and uncle went back to Israel last night, they were in Miami to be with their son and grandsons the way many Americans were in Israel visiting family for Sukkos and Simchas Torah. I pray a lot. And, while praying I watch satellite loops because from up there the world looks absolutely beautiful.  Raleigh is beautiful, we are awash in Fall Color. Much Love.

Ps not spellchecking or rethinking this.


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Your blog has taught me so much about weather that I love so much. Just want to send lots of love and strength and know many people are praying with you


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