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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

SFL Getting Rains from X AOI in Bahamas.........African Wave Last Yellow Circle Standing........... Where Does Remnants of X 95L Go?


Note the shaded circle is where it could form.
The X is where it is now.
Keep that in mind.

I say that because models do not really develop it until later, closer in as it has an unfriendly environment to move through to get "there" where the shaded yellow grid is and until that it will be tested by strong Saharan Dust aka SAL and less than spectacular conditions. We really aren't there yet... but when that switch gets flipped to "ON" the Tropics will come to life in one way or another.

From Zoom Earth.
Dotted white dots is SAL.
SAL dries out the air.
Air is the environment.
So this wave is being monitored.

Closer in is our old X AOI.
Now commonly known as

Kids sending me pics.
The Rains return.
Heat will come down some.

In Miami what keeps the heat normally down is afternoon rain showers when it gets that hot to be record breaking, yet the rains came early and left just as fast this "rainy season" and now with their return things will cool off so it's either complain about the heat or the heavy rain. It's Miami. Born and raised there, that's the way of the world. Some years, like 1992, are hotter, drier and other years it pours from May through the Summer. Don't complain about the rain!

It'll bring the temperatures down.
Let's compare Raleigh and Miami 

These ae actual temperatures not feels like.
Saturday forecast to be 99 degrees in Raleigh.
We'll see.
Feels like I don't want to know.
Gonna play in the bathtub....
...sip cold dinks.

Shifting over to Google to show you... it's that easy.
To stay on top of the weather.
Shift it to Precipitation.
The old AOI has juice in it!
And it's juicing up Miami !

So does the ITCZ

See the lil purples in there?
I so love purple.
That's energy, juicy energy.
New wave is high and that's good.
Good because it's fighting the SAL some.
Good for those August waves.
And maybe... just maybe.
It'll pull together.

Time will tell.

Sorry for sounding silly today, I'm silly and tired and I didn't sleep more than 4 hours which used to work for me when I liked to Party in the USA lol but need more sleep or a long shower. If you know me the shower is gonna win out.

I'll update later when there's something real to say. It's a day... of waiting, watching. You can chase the models or you can wait for CLIMO to kick in and then the tropics are lit. Your choice. My choice is a shower and then some more better coffee. That's an old Southern saying... at some point we will get more better waves and slowly, wave by wave the Saharan Dust will not rule the Atlatnic!

Africa today.
Maybe we need more better rain over Africa??

Bottom line is top of Mike's page.

Rains in FL today from X Yellow Circle.
New Yellow Circle down the road.
Some juice left in X 95L
(where does that go?)

Have a good day!

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