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Friday, July 28, 2023

Invest 96L Tagged From MDR Wave at 70% in the 7 Day Period. 2 Areas Close to Land Not Expected to Develop. New Wave Off Africa Looks Impressive.


Models like thie wave in the MDR
Expected to recurve in the Atlantic.
According to models....
X AOI Near Florida made landfall... by the FL/GA line.

Nice little circulation.
Not classified.
Dumped lots of rain on Florida
Dumping more on coastal SE.

Northern area the FL AOI
Southern is 95L going into EPAC
EPAC has a Red Circle waiting for it.

I could go long on how the EPAC has been quiet but I won't, lets see what happens when X95L gets there. A new wave emerged off the African coast, if this develops and I like it as it's more consolidated than Invest 96L is and has a look to me. Small model support, let's let it swim a bit and see what happens.

I've been offline much the last two days, the weather is horribly hot it stirs up my allergies and asthma, I'm fine just needed a rest.

I'll be on Satuday evening with a new blog discussing the new African Waves, El Nino (getting stronger every day) and if the MDR wave is really going to form and will it stay a fish storm. It's a large wave complex and I'm not in love with it. But, models support it more or less and NHC raised the ante to the red circle now.

Stay cool, stay hydrated. Tropics quiet but the weather is still deadly when it's this hot and there is a front moving across the SE. Once fronts begin moving the tropics tend to heat up as well. 

Stay tuned... 
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As the tropics have been quiet, here's something tropical to entertain you...


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