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Sunday, July 30, 2023

3 Areas Being Monitored. 96L (seems like forever) 97L Off Carolina Coast and 96E in EPAC (because you know who) Why is Atlantic So Unfriendly? For Normal Reasons in July & Early August. StayTuned... Remember September. Normal Season Afterall Despite Headlines on Hot Water


(from Zoom Earth)

96L in ATL for what seems like days.
Coming out of the SAL... if finds the NATL

NHC 8 AM Sunday 

97L now off Carolina Coast.
Trough moving through
...headed up into the NATL like 96L
Do they meet for coffee somewhere?

96E in the EPAC....
DNA from tropical wave in ATL

Gonna keep this blog short today. It's Sunday and it's a day to play and it's slipping away and I want to do something. The honest truth is the Atlantic, the Tropical part of the Atlantic, is not a very friendly place right now for tropical development. The stronger waves have been good seeds for weather in the Islands, and the tropical wave that looked like a Tropical Depression but did not get designation kept going West and is now part of the red circle in the EPAC that laid out a Red Carpet for the long tracking tropical wave. The EPAC has been fairly quiet too, especially with high hopes for activity due to the nearby El Nino. 

The Atlantic that opened to rave reviews on how hot  red, hot Atlantic Ocean was with temperatures so high it stole attention away from the slowly building El Nino has been but the Atlantic hot ocean was not a very friendly place despite HOT WATER.  Off the SE coast we had an area of consistent troubled weather hovering (almost anchored) over some of the hottest water in the basin with a high a loft and nothing happened. Nothing happened and yes there is a reason for that too and it has to do with the atmosphere, air pushing down over the yellow circle with the "best conditions" (according to Click Bait) for development suppressing development. 

The reason I mention this is because all the Click Bait you read about how hot the Atlantic is promising you an early, busy hurricane season failed to mention the all the various dynamics, synoptics of weather and tropical development and like a late night commercial on The Weather Channel promising you something that will save your kitchen sink, toilet or make your house smell beautiful while some on air barker who grew up in the carnival business yells at you to BUY BUY BUY and many will and many won't and the click bait chorus online of HOT WATER has not yet amounted to much.

You need a center. You need a core. You need less shear, less SAL and some lift out there in atmosphere that takes those building clouds and spins them around, lifts them up that helps them spread out and if you don't have that nothing spins all you got is Hot Water. And yes we have seen this over time, even last year that opened to rave reviews of HOT WATER was a kind of mediocre early hurricane season until a few sparked in the Caribbean (no El Nino then) and people mostly remember Ian after Earl and Fiona flared up with some color but few remember the two little tropical systems that developed early and then we waited and waited.

It was a long August.
But as we remember September.
Trouble happens in September.

Just Google you'll see it's true!

So not such a short blog but this is what I wanted to say. Normal season despite the drama and headlines on how hot the water is in the Atlantic and OMG off the Florida coast (yet the AOI didn't develop) so remember September and late August (probably after or around the 18th give or take) because Mother Nature takes her own time, year after year, time after time. 

Stay tuned. Don't eat the hurricane supplies and keep them hidden away and locked up.

 Hurricane History.
2009 Hurricane Season.
Gonna show a few of these this week.
A look back at few relevant years.
Not the same, just some similarities.

That's it.
I'm taking a shower and going out.
What to wear? What to wear?
Time will tell....

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God I love this song.
Truth a Tango Dancer who left Cuba...
..taught me to tango when I was little.
Cha Cha... Rumba.
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