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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Karl 50 MPH moving at 2 MPH SE - Not Really Moving Yet. Yellow X African Tropical Wave... FRONTS RULE This October. Watch Tail Ends Always. And, Enjoy the Weather... NC STATE FAIR "So Happy Together"


Once you see something it's hard not to see it.

I woke up this morning and took a look at Karl on my favorite loops and what I saw was odd.  Karl, neat little ball in the BOC of strong winds and the weather that was being sheared off kind of detached and set up the way you usually see "severe weather" in the SE; the kind of severe weather that often produced stornadoes somewhere when a front pushes through into warm air.

That triangular image to the right of Karl.
It often looks like a "tornado" a bit.

I always found it amazing that when there are outbreaks, especially in the SE near the Gulf of Mexico, when you see Severe Weather form.... the clouds make this "tornado" like cloud signature on satellite imagery and the line that looks like a tornado actually ends up producing tornadoes. That's a whole lot of violent weather moving East away from Karl.  So I looked for the lightning site that shows you where lightining is popping on the face of the planet and yes, lots of lightning there in Karl's departing friend.

While Karl does have lightining in it.
The "line" moving East is nonstop lightning.
Great link, up on Spaghetti Models.;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;ts=0; This takes you to the SE but you can move out and look at the whole world by zooming out or zooming in on your own town in a storm. NWS in NC has been touting severe weather for Raleigh all week but now that it's Thursday we have gray skies, the sun trying to peek through and the severe weather went to the far South of us. Kind of a Yay for me as I have holiday events planned and didn't want the all day rain event to interefere with them. Selfish I know but hey this outdoor  holiday comes once a year and the NC State Fair is opening today as well!

Just kind of slid South near the NC SC border.
Yesterday this system produced tornadoes.
Tennessee dealt with severe weather from it.
Camelot like it rained over night in Raleigh....

This is why I point out "purple splotches" often.
Last night I tweeted about the purple splotch.
Satellite shows solid convection.
Earthnull shows a possible "maybe"
And we now have a yellow X marks the spot.
20% Low and it's supposed to curve NW.

Yellow doesn't always follow purple.
But it's a good indicator something could pop up.

Time will tell.
Far away and so is Karl.
Lisa is the next name up to bat!
Baseball season now too!

Stay tuned.
Recon going into Karl this morning.

Nothing else imminent.
Except cold weather in many places.
A cool front moving into Florida.
ALWAYS watch tail end of fronts.
Always watch waves that get into Carib... late October.
Getting closer every day.
BUT in 2022 Winter may be all the rage...

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Ps Growing up in Miami we didn't have a State Fair though we had all the winter carny people making carnivals in then empty parking lots outside of shopping areas. I studied drama and dance when young, also my ex-husband was an actor and he used to put on VCRs for my little daughters and State Fair was one of them and they actually loved it and would sing along. But NC State Fair in 2022 like I'm sure Texas State Fair and others are not your grandma's State Fair.

Not to say they weren't fun in their day.
But they are technicolor incredible at night.
Daytime you're assaulted by every aroma possible.
Okay the farm tent smells........truth!

Okay maybe it doesn't seem sooo different....

Rocks with Jazz and Country and fun.

Try this link...........  YouTube made it into a short. Lord have mercy.... anyway.. Have a great day and remember.... the theme this year is (rolling eyes) So Happy Together ;)


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