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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Quiet Today. Calm Before the Storm. August Tropics Come Alive. Are You Going to Hit the Road IF a Hurricane Comes Knocking at Your Door? Do You Have a Plan? ULL Tickling the Atmosphere in Florida... Storms Blowing Up Fast Next Few Days.


There's a distant tropical wave by Africa.
Most of the Atlantic is quiet, dry.
An Upper Level Low nearing Florida.
It's dragging some moisture with it.
Gobbled up a few tropical waves.
Sucked them right up.
That and the dead front will stir things up.
Weather wise, not tropically speaking.

Storms will fire up.
So expect rain and dark skies.
Watch your Apps and plan accordingly.

We have a purple splotch by Africa.
Nice wave with a drop of model support.
Tons of SAL out there also.

A small little orange circle showing possibilities.
Maybe if it stays really low?

Yes, this is the calm before the storm.
Use it wisely.
Shop for supplies or party hardy.
Walk on the beach or go to the lake.
Things may change fast!

Officially nothing in 5 days.

Unofficially sometimes something changes in real time.

There's nothing happening officially in the tropics.
Still a front draped across the East Coast.
Upper Level Low in steath mode....
...where later a hurricane can be.
No hurricane today.
Prepare anyway!

It's July in the tropics. It's hot, beastly hot and there's humidity added into this particular spice blend and the AC is running at full speed. It's either drought or daily thunderstorms depending on where the High is or as meteorologist Larry Cosgrove likes to say the "Death Ridge" or something. Texas has had it consistently harder than the East coast with intermittent showers. And, it feels as if nothing is ever going to happen in the tropics and then suddenly the tropics come alive.

Water is warmer in some areas closer in that will provide fuel for intensifying hurricanes close in moving towards landfall. This is what has happened with some of our worst, most memorable hurricanes in history. A worst case scenario that a hurricane hits the Loop Current or the Gulf Stream while being pushed towards land and everyone suddenly wishes they had evacuated when it looked like "just a Cat 2" but did not.

Currently, the steering currents will take any hurricane that forms and propels it West! That changes in real time from time to time as things change later in the season, but currently it doesn't look promising. Or it looks as if it's promising to deliver landfalling hurricanes at our door.

Yes, this is the calm before the storm. Every July I lose my mind and go on some long rant, unsually when frustrated with numerous things that I can't control. One of those things I can't always control is the ability to convince YOU that hurricane season will happen and is forecast to be a dangerous hurricane and money is tight for many with inflation and no one wants to buy food today that they may not need in 7 weeks. I get it. I also get how fast things can change.

A really bad hurricane season for Florida.
For a lot of places but especially Florida.
It was hot. The air barely moved.
Yellow butterflies fluttered around.
We had a double crop of mangoes.
(This makes the locals nervous....
...before Andrew we had 3 crops)

Look up above.
Nothing in July.
Then all lit up in August.

Those are storm tracks across Florida. July was quiet, but some people were preparing for Hurricane Season, others were not. Many Floridians moved away after that year, newbies who didn't realize how it could be in a busy hurricane season. Saturday Night Live did a skit about just lobbing off Florida from the map to solve the problem. Jokes aside, it was a bad year that many do not remember and many forget as time goes by and hurricanes like Dorian and Matthew slide away somewhere else. 

La Nina or no La Nina and even in El Nino years Mother Nature delives Hurricane Andrew like storms to our doors. 

I was on a rant in 2004, working at the library where let's say a friendly comedian or liked to play pranks enjoyed my access on the reference desk to make funny phone calls. The library was very entertained by the ongoing nonsense. The long distance call from Japan caught a lot of attention, did they really, really think the little City library was getting reference questions from Japan? Laughter is good medicine, ya know.
So here's my July blog when nothing was happening and then a few weeks later people were begging Mother Nature to turn the hurricanes off and make it stop! was kind of like sing, sing a song because I was bored and in a mood.

If there was a blog going back to 1992 it would tell you that my best friend and I were saving Publix Soda bottles, washing them out and filling them up with water. My friend was SURE we were getting a hurricane, despite it being July and we then had the A storm in August and that was August. We had water, we did have water and we did get a hurricane. El Nino or no El Nino, La Nina or no La Nina...even in a Neutral year there's concerns that pop up. In a year when every meteorologist with a proven history says that the signs are aligned meteorologically to produce a dangerous hurricane season I suggest you take them seriously.

If you live in an area where you would need to evacuate or would want to please figure it out now, before you get on the road. 

Irma was the last mass evacuation and I've spoken to many who insist after being stuck in that traffic jam Northbound they will NOT evacuate again. If that's the case do they have a plan I wonder? Shelters fill up and you need to register at some shelters. You can leave Miami Beach and get stuck in Homestead with a house flying apart or think you'll go out to West Broward and find out that in a very wet storm it'll flood like the drained swamp it is. Your choice. Do it in real time or plan ahead. Either way, you can't stop the 2022 Hurricane Season from coming to life, even if you would like to. Again, many left Florida after Andrew and after 2004, no more hurricanes knocking on their door.

Packing, mostly packed. I always overpack. The girl who jumped on a bus always to Key West with a bag over packs now when she goes to Florida to see the kids, grandkids, friends and my favorite places to drink coffee and cortadito. 

Besos BobbiStorm
Sweet Tropical Dreams..........
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.


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