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Monday, June 13, 2022

30% Yellow Circle Near the Yucatan! Excessive Heat Alert in Carolinas 100 Degrees Forecast Today. Could Use a Tropical Breeze...


Peek into my early morning life.
Check the NHC page 1st thing!
Still Yellow........30%
Scroll down for models if in a rush...

Mike, an avid follower of my blog for more years than either of us want to admit, is awesome. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed. As I have said for days the HIGH, the HUGE HIGH bearing down on the Carolinas, pressing down into the GOM should steer anything that forms WEST'ISH towards Mexico or the Tex Mex region. As I learned from my friends at the NHC it's best to use the word "should" vs "will" because the atmosphere is fluid.  In theory, this picture Mike made says it all. 

Mike also appreciates DaBuh as I do!
He paints a picture with art and lyrics.

Choose your friends wisely.
I'm blessed with great wxr friends !!
All weather friends!!!

Can't escape the heat without a private jet plane.
Even Wilmington is forecast to be in the 90s.

Welcome to a window in my world.

No I'm not being melodramatic!
...thru my curtains near blinding me.
It was sooo bright at 7 AM!!
(ps Twitter has filters now? hmnn)

NWS Raleigh all in ORANGE.
Not as in cold OJ as in OMG!

Okay yes it's not just about me.
But I'm under that orange splotch in NC/SC
Gets way worse out West.
How do people live in Dallas in the Summer?

Drudge is so color dramatic!
RED hot warning for Texas.
Heat not a 90% chance of a Hurricane.

But down in the Yucatan.........
...GFS is opining a small tropical treat.
The EURO is on board for rain but not so melodramatic.

Getting weather in the same spot is commendable.
If the models can get along why not everyone else?
Just thinking outloud.

But what I really want to show you is this!

This is a WAVE TRAIN.
Stretching from Africa to South America....
..Central America to the EPAC.

At some point we're going to go off the rails.
Hurricanes will happen.

Far out... close in. 
Models see them over Africa...
...or SURPRISE Home Grown -Close in

Bottom line here is that with this HEAT WAVE the WATER IS WARMING UP! And, it's only getting hotter. I'll update later today on models vs a colorful look into my life, a window into my world and I'll leave you with a song from Dabuh who loves to wow us with his musical methodology! 

Besos BobbiStorm
Be back later today.....
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