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Friday, August 27, 2021

UPDATED! HURRICANE IDA Intensifying - First Comes Cuba THEN ... Busts Into the GOM Over WARM EDDYS. Camille Like in Presentation Let's Hope It Doesn't Be More Than a Cat 3... Major Hurricane Coming! Help Someone Prepare or Evacuate.

Hurricane IDA

Solid Red Core.

Full Update after the 2 PM.

Important to pay attention to the East....

of forecast current Cone.

Major Hurricanes can create their own environment.

The slow down nearing the coast concerns me.

I'll update afttr the 2 PM with models and concerns!

Keep reading if you have not. 

Thank you!

Be back soon


11 AM Same Cone.

Whole picture from that tweet......... shown below.

Totally amazing in that there is still shear.
Hasn't totally wrapped perfectly.
Perfection is at least Cat 3 down the road.
I'd love to be wrong and have it weaker...
...but hoping and wishing don't make it so.

All eyes in the Hurricane Cone. on Ida.
And everyone on the N GOM coast is watching.

That is the track from the NHC at 5 AM.
The bottom line from discussion.
High end intensity going down.
Winds going up at landfall.

115 MPH...
Watch any trends later today with intensity.

This is my tweet from Twitter and honestly this morning at 9:30 AM I'm going to leave you with this thought and I will update later today after updates and new model runs and new info from Recon.

"Amazing in that there is still shear & misplaced convection and it looks THIS good as an entity in the envelope it's embracing #IDA really coming together next stop #Havana (when it wraps I'll deal with the eye, not chasing tracking the #weather)"

Watch the weather...
...not just the eye of IDA.

This is the bottom line with shear still doing on the CDO is consolidating. The CDO is consolidating. That is a scary statement; sexy for hurricane enthusiasts who track, study and chase hurricanes. There is the promise here of one hell of an eye and a classic looking Hurricane that resembles Camille currently but is all IDA. And the EYE DA Will be amazing.  

Entity in the envelope it's embracing I'm not just talking poetry talking how a hurricane develops suddenly over and close to land and she is doing that now over Isle of Youth and here moisture/weather is going to slam Havana on it's way up into the very warm, hot Gulf of Mexico with WARM EDDYS in it's path and the exact location of landfall WILL matter as the strong, dangerous, apparent weather in it's eye and eye wall will be destructive beyond imagination IF the models and forecast verifies. Then you have the secondary weather, storm surge (to the right of the eye) and squalls in it's bands that are like collaterol damage far away flooding inland.   This is an epic drama that is playing out in real time. I'm a show me girl not tell me how much you love me and I'm not in love with models that wax and wane like the moon. But Ida has so far been following the model forecasts as if it's been programmed by the GFS.  

I'll update later. If you know anyone in it's path help them prepare if you can as sometimes people do not have the money to prepare or know where to go. In good times people hate going to shelters and in the worst of times they would rather take their chances with a hurricane than a hurricane and the plague. So if you are in the path ... prepare or plan on leaving. If you know someone there help them.. offer them a  place to stay or money for gas or send them Amazon immediately with supplies. Money is the big divider in large hurricanes because some can fly out and others cannot. And many just do not want to leave ...that's the way of the world.

Yesterday started out all about Ida, intense speculation and discussion while watching loops. Then it evolved into "OMG" in Kabul where everything went BOOM and death and destruction was everywhere at the same time a potential Killer Hurricane was being birthed. One of my degrees is in International Relations and yes I turned down offers to work for the CIA and get paid to write reports as my second degree is in English/Literature. (What was I thinking I do this for free now??)   Crazy vibes all day and then as I was about to go to sleep I remembered Kanye aka YE was doing his release show live (a moving target like the cone always changing) and started talking to my youngest son who is a Kanye fan and the next thing you know we were watching together online as we watched in Miami for his earlier concert/release party. Needless to say I didn't sleep much last night but I can sleep tonight as I shut the world off for a bit and go offline Friday evening for the Jewish Sabbath and I can rest. I will rest.

Amazing genius is always compelling especially from a creative perspective where your mind bursts seeing various Greek Drama bouncing around in your head along with a million old movies and verses from literature (as his mother taught) and I see Camille. I don't see Camille 1969 (another amazing summer I may add) but I see Camille like storm in a similar position with a perfect form. But this will be EYEda IF everything aligns as we expect it to. I see Hurricane IDA 2021!

See my concern? Conpare and Contrast. Let us hope that Ida doesn't continue to resemble Camille.

That's freaky.
I'll be back.
It's like it was reborn!

Help someone do so...

Be Back Later.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

PS the difference is the heads up warning we have.
The EYE in the SKY
Satellite imagery confirming forecast.
Forecasts that are almost dead on perfect.
We know so much more than we did in 1969.
Knowledge is power ....
...take advantage of the knowledge.
NHC and your local NWS
And your tried and true experts.

Best case scenario you took a vacation... left home.
You bought snacks you can use all year...
...or for school supplies.
Of if we have a lockdown.
2021 good to have back up supplies.
In case supply chain falls apart.
Save your twinkies!


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