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Friday, September 18, 2020

BETA in the GOM Joins Alpha Forms As a Subtropical Off the Coast of Portugal... Short Lived ... of course... because 2020 Hurricane Season Brought to you by the NHC

Alpha above. 
yeah ... Beta Below.

Okay to be honest I ran out of time.
Teddy should behave.
Can't promise Beta will.
Watch the Caribbean for something to show up..
..sooner or later that will happen.
Check with Mike as always on Facebook Live
As y'all know I'm Jewish.
And I do the Jewish New Year this weekend.
So wishing everyone a good, healthy and happy year.
And I'll be back on Sunday evening.

Til then may you all be blessed and well.
I'll be back after the holiday.

Please keep reading below my thoughts
and the longer thoughts in the previous blog at the end.
Thank you very much!!!

*  * *

It may be hard to see on the NHC map.
See up around 2 PM a red smudge?
See it just right of the other yellow X no one cares about?
Let's look closer.
No it's not named AL

Here's a satellite that shows it better.

See the face in Portugal....
Hairline... nose, chin.
Alpha is what looks like he sneezed.

Up there North of Africa.
Shame they couldn't name the Medicane Alpha...
Yes that is our first Greek Storm by Portugal.

I understand the NHC is run differently this year.
We have had systems hit Europe and not named them.
Well no one named the Medicane.
But with a developing storm in the Gulf of Mexico.
They took time out to write discussion on this...
...short lived storm.

We will now go back to our regularly scheduled program.
Wondering on how East Teddy can get....
...where the bull in the china shop in the GOM goes.

This is waht did NOT get a name at Noon.


That is what did NOT get a name.

A huge area of WEATHER that is moving...
...rapidly away from the current forecast cone.
Except the cone is a big circle so ...'s in the Cone.

I'd hate to work at the NHC these days.
Really.... great place, good forecasters there.

So that happened.
We are now into the Greek Alphabet.
Let's see how fast we can rip through that one..
...with one day storms in odd places.

Please read the previous blog.
I will update data and facts at 5ish.
Unless the NHC decides to name 22 sooner.

Please read my thoughts on the problems with Sally.....
...with the forecast and the way it was discussed by the Media.
The problem of not properly preparing people for a disaster...
...on the level of a Major Hurricane.
Because it's a low Cat 1 and 2 hours later a high Cat 2 at 1 AM.
And because flooding is not used as a factor in Category Storms.
The Category goes by wind.
The media looks for the nearest sexy city... 
Everyone focuses on the wrong thing too often.
And after Floyd trashed NC stalled out as a weak storm.
After being a HUGE storm...
...then Florence did the same thing as a Cat one moving 2 MPH
We don't seem to know how to deal with these issues.
So Sally as a Cat 2 moving 2 MPH ...
...did damage much worse than expected.
Or even prepared for... boats left to ride it out.
Now all over the town.
With a new forecast discussion written at 2 AM ...
...when most people are sleeping.

Just no words can describe how wrong that was..
..and how we must do better in the future.

Attention to details and priorities.
The reality that the Cone can change much...
vs dealing with Alpha by Portugal.

But hey I guess it's someone's job
So NHC named another storm.

The B storm is up next.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... my annoyment is not towards the forecasters trying.
Let's hope they get the B Greek Named Storm right.
Unless a another storm pops up first in the N Atlantic.
And the GOM gets a C storm.
Place your bets now.
Buy hurricane supplies fast!

Mike has great Greek Name Tee shirts if you want..
...a commemorative tee shirt to remember this crazy season.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Jeffinftl said...

Were it not for Teddy, we would have a season that reached the Greek alphabet in September but had below average ACE season to date. Hmmm.


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