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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Tropics Vaguely Quiet Today. 10% Yellow Circle in the Atlantic NHC Isn't Showing Much Love - Wave Train Off of Africa - Ex Cristobal Being Tracked Thru Mississippi River Valley and Deja Vu Possibiloities in the Carib Into GOM Again. A Good Day to Do What You Love.

My thoughts on the tropical world today.

10% Yellow, small circle in the Atlantic.
The NHC doesn't seem to be a believer.
But they are being politcally correct...
... and showing it's there.

Not a lot to say about the Tropics today as we are in that period of time when we are waiting for the next impulse to show itself and begin to do something to catch the attention of the NHC. Understand we are always watching the tropics and something, somewhere always catches our attention to obssess upon but there is nothing solid to talk on currently.

For some reason the NWS seems to be tracking ex-tropical systems these days a part of the huge jugernaut that is NOAA NWS NHC is tracking the remnants of Cristobal across the backbone of the country as it rolls along creating small mishief with 25 mph winds ...according to the official reports.

There is a 10% yellow circle in the Atlantic that the NHC has offered up possibly as a faith offering that the NHC Season WILL BE BUSY but refuses to give much attention to and that surprises me as it looked kind of interesting this morning on the MIMIC loop I showed above.

And waves are still coming off of Africa one by one by one by one and eventully one of them will hook up with another influence and it will all turn around and we will have something to speak more specifically ... one day... down the tropical road.

Years ago my daughter Dina and possibly her older brother would drive out to New Jersey somewhere as a young singer was playing a club that their friends loved. He was a Jewish Reggae rock kind of singer who had studied in school with some of their friends in Crown Heights. One day, he suddenly became more interesting and caught the media's eye and suddenly he became a sensation seemingly everywhere. He became huge everywhere including on late night talk shows and playing big clubs everywhere, then nowhere as he was always evolved trying to find himself. But those first recordings from those first wild nights in a club somewhere in New York or New Jersey were golden as you saw something happening.

True story in that some guy was dating my daughte briefly and he complained to her that he was roommates with Matis in Yeshiva and he was really annoying always playing that Reggae music. And my daughter immediately stopped dating the annoying guy who thought that the annoying singer she liked that she enjoyed traveling around to watch play in small clubs was annoying. What one person loves another seemingly does not and so it goes with that little yellow circle in the Atlantic that the NHC ain't showing no love to... my daughter has good instincts in music, art and weather.

Tropical Weather is like that... you watch one wanna be wave after another rolling off of Africa (or South America) and you just keep watching amused until it gets a rhythmn going and suddenly you notice other people on Twitter all start to talk on it their hearts are on fire.. inspired... then one day everyone knows it's name. Note the wave train in the map below.

Taking the day off a bit to relax today. I suggest you do the same and enjoy those weather loops, those waves and whatever music you enjoy the most.

Some nice video of the Johnnie Mercer Pier in Wrightsville Beach by way of a drone watching the waves and that works with my theme today so let's show that video maker some love.

Do what you love. Take the time to enjoy what you love,

Love BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter (doing mostly weather) and Instagram doing Lord knows what...

Ps... a beautiful song with a beautiful message sung by many who hold the same message. Great song to dance to too! Got the song stuck in my head so you can hear what's in my head today as well. One day...


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