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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tropical Wave Action Heads Into the Caribbean 10% Low Expectations Yellow.. But Fun to Watch & Carolinas Look For Severe Weather Later Today.

There's our 10% Yellow Circle in the Caribbean.
Well it's trying to enter the Caribbean.
Let's see how that goes.

And it's raining now here.
Straight down steady rain.
I have the AC on....
...and the window a bit open.
So I can hear the rain.
Nice keeps the pollen low in the short term.
Long term the mold grows.
For allergy people it's a two edged sword.
I love rain.
I love cooler, less humid weather.
It's June and our weather patterns are evolving.
9 days til the Summer Solstice!

So that's pretty much it for today.
I do think the Carolinas are in play this Season.
Especially OBX that juts out begging for action.
And it's only a matter of time.
And the way time has flown in 2020... better have a plan and supplies.
Because Hurricane Season is here officially.
So whatcha waiting for?

The song "Life goes on" is in my head, and that is a long story I'm not telling but it's a very true saying. So what is going on in the Tropics today? It's watch and wait and see situation as this is a evolutionary period in the tropics as fronts have problems getting very far South and the action currently moves towards the Carolinas. We begin to look for tropical action from Tropical Waves rather than dangling cold fronts because while cold fronts often tease, they really rarely put on a show or even show up.

Saharan Dust refered to here as SAL begins to travel around the Caribbean trying to suck the moisture out of what seem to be healthy waves coming off of Africa and the Caribbean Gyre continues to spin and spin and sometimes a strong Tropical Wave moving westbound into that region mixes it up with the CAG and manages to make it's way up towards the Gulf of Mexico .... again! The models backed up the Deja Vu storm they models were cooking up and some are whispering a Tropical Depression could form down there while others are beginning to watch an area near Florida that doesn't want anymore rain to give it some more rain. The most excellent Phill Ferro, a good man, warns of potential tropical rains in the Florida area down the road. Time will tell, as always with weather we update in real time while the models forecast possibilites and often take them away and then throw them back in and that's why I prefer loving the water vapor loop rather than holding my breath for long range models. Phil does a blog during the Hurricane Season that is a good read, especially if you live in Miami, and my mind is always partly living in Miami even though I'm in the Carolinas.

It's the way of the world this time of year.
Another good song.
Waves doing their thing.
I'll be doing my thing.
I'll update if there is any reason.
Otherwise enjoy the day.
Every single moment.
Make it special.

Adding in here Hurricane History.
I've had requests to do this so...
...why not history is important.

Picking relevant years.
2016 is a relevant year.
Started early with a BANG!
Ended with a big bang named Matthew.
SE Coast and Carolinas in play often.
Intercepted at least 3 storms that year.
Possible went through 4 but not sure.
Strongest weather I've seen here in Raleigh..
...was from distant Matthew.

Check that link out above.
Fun year for me weather wise ;)
Dabuh is great.
He's like totally the Big Kahuna!!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather...
Instagram.. weather and whatever mood I'm in.

Odd version for a day with odd but fun vibes.
Life goes on...
Because Life goes on beats the way of the world today.


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