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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Cristobal Works His Way Towards Landfall ... Florida Cleans Up From Tornadoes Spawned by Cristobal

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Tornadoes over Florida yesterday was the real story so far.

But as what is left of Cristobal makes landfall..
...the water is high and there is weather there.
Not much wind but there will be minor flooding.
At the beaches especially.
The dry air that punched Cristobal apart...
....deserves roses or a Starbucks card.
That dry air really did a job on Cristobal.

I'm not going to go long on Cristobal today.
Going to just sit and watch it do it's thing.

Cristobal is a Subtropical Storm.
The NHC keeps alluding to it.
Why they stuck with Tropical I don't know.
I'm not gonna beat a dead horse.
The water vapor imagery shows it.

Trust me there is weather in there.....
...but it's a different kind of animal.

Showing this image as it covers two areas.

Cristobal to the left ... area being watched to the right.

We will keep watching it.
There's also discussion down the road of a tropical wave.

It's Sunday, keeping it easy today.
Going to put on TWC in the background.
And watch Cristobal.
Gonna listen to Mike talk on Facebook.
Watch some loops, 
Doing a small shopping.

Last night I watched Mike's Facebook Live.
He was out riding around Florida.
Chasing storms and found one.
Actually he found more than one.
That was fun.
Kind of like virtually being there.

Seriously though read last night's blog.
I was on a rant. Got it out of my system.
 I do believe the NHC needs to change the graphics.
Continuity is good, I'm a believer in continuity.
But Subtorpical like storms are different.
You can't keep the same graphic til the year 3020.

And this issue of a Tornado Warning out of nowhere...
...needs to end.
You have a huge Subtroipical.
The severe weather is to the East over Florida.
Post a Tornado Watch over Florida.
I spoke on it Friday.
It was gonna happen. 
It did happen.
Tornado Watches should have been posted.
Then a Tornado Warning.

You enjoy the Facebook Lives he posted yesterday.
Great job catching the weather.

Cristobal making landfall.
Florida cleaning up.
That's the story today.

Have a great Sunday.
I may update later.
Going to watch some Weather Cams.
And pretend I'm there.
I do so love Louisiana.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps Technically Sunday but this is the song in my head.
So enjoy........
....have a wonderful weekend.
What's left of it!


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