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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Cristobal Heads Towards Louisana While Most of It's SEVERE WEATHER SLAMS Florida. I-4 Under the Gun All Day Tornardo Warnings - 20% Yellow Circle in the Atlantic

This is Cristobal. 
Kind of heard to find the "center" right?
It's there with minimal winds.
Tropical Storm intensity...
.. but all the weather far from the Center.
Note some of those storms are over CUBA.
Check out that heavy moisture feed.

As I said yesterday, refer to yesterday's blog.
The Gulf Coast is being hit by a horizontal band.
Resembling an overturned barge moving about to beach itself.

Yet the cone and info doesn't explain that.

NHC Cone for Cristobal.
Looks like a big story.
Wind impact in the storm are low.
Wind Impact far from the storm are high.
This Tweet below tells the real story.

This is the real story.

From Hurricane Tracker App above.

Where is the "weather"
Far from the Center.
And it has a long tail that keeps slapping Florida.
That graphic comes from Hurricane Tracker App.
From Twitter @hurrtrackerapp.
It's an App you need and you need to follow them.
Because they cover all the aspects of the storm always.

And another Tweet.

Let's talk about the real problem from #Cristobal that basically is more a Subtropical than a Tropical Storm but for the record it's Tropical. It's not a Hurricane and the weather is far removed from the center. It is spread out across the Gulf of Mexico with a mean right arm that has slapped the hell out of Florida all day, as I said yesterday Tornadoes would be the problem. Yet, everyone goes on and on about the Cone showing Cristobal headed into Louisiana. The "center" of Cristobal is headed North but the weather mass that is mostly right sided due to the dry air to the West sucking the moisture out of it has projected all the moisture across a wide area from Tampa through Orlando as tropical, severe weather keeps training over the whole region. That area of severe weather will move up across North Florida and the Panhandle as the night goes on into tomorrow.

The NHC makes it clear in their discussion that few people read vs glancing at the graphics.

I-4 has been under attack all day.
Yet Cristobal's center is following the track.
It's deception and confusing.
A disconnect with reality.
The NHC really needs to chagne this...
They need a map that shows the real problems.
When dealing with a storm like this.

This is not the first system such as this being hyped as if it's a hurricane with networks across the boarding "TRACKING CRISTOBAL" and following the track by showing the Cone that is narrow and would imply only Louisana has to really worry with some concerns in nearby Mississippi. Why this really bothers me is this is not 1969 it's 2020 and truly few people race to the TV to watch their local weatherman show what the weather will be. It's not even 1979 when people bought Weather Radios from Radio Shack and had them on alert and checked them often if the sky was dark and the weather seemed bad and there was a huge behomoth Tropical Storm lumbering along in the Gulf of Mexico. It's not 1963 when your mother told you to call "The Weather Bureau" to check on the weather if you were bored. People today read graphics and MEMES and the NHC needs to change their Cone graphic to have more information than just the Cone. YES they have an incredible wealth of graphics and information but in today's world few except the meteorologically obsessed bother to check there they watch the Cone in their social media feed and that's it. Then people in Orlando and Dunedin who knew there might be weather feel as if they had the rug pulled out from underneath them as one warning after another shows up on a TV (if they are older and still watching TV) and they wonder what is going on. Yes, the phone alert goes off but kids swipe it away fast to see what their friend send in WhatsApp (full disclosure I've watched this happen numerous times in real time) so it's 2020 it's time to upgrade the Cone it doesn't have to look the same until the year 3000. 

Watching Cristobal moving along and watching other areas in the Atlantic that I talked on yesterday saying not to be surprised if it pops up. I'm not suprirsed the NHC hasn't changed their old graphics, I just really wish they would as they are the source people go to for information and it needs to communicate more information to the general public.

Sorry but this just doesn't commnicate what it should, but it's a nice image. A huge subtropical almost extratropical storm that is masquerading as a "Tropical Storm" but it's 2020 so the rules seem a bit fuzzy.  Yes, people can go to the NWS main page, but again generally people who are weather obsessed do and not the general public. We have to worry on communicating the concerns to the general public, not every weather geek with 20 screens open on their laptop as they monitor the storm. 

Speaking of graphics.
This is the area I spoke on yesterday in the blog.
And on Twitter.

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram   

Ps. From yesterday.... bands are already onshore even though he's still far offshore. The weather won't be that bad. In Miami we drive through Tropical Storms such as this play ball outside or run in puddles they can find. Had this been a hurricane in August it would have been a danegous scenario and there most likely will be another storm later this year that we really need to worry on because it's going to be an above average season. A long season.  The images from the beaches near Gulfport and Biloxi are beautiful; the weather in Florida far from the "center" has been dangerous.


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