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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cristobal Being Tracked By Hungry Mets Like a Wild Rabbit. Tropical Moisture Moves North as Healthy Strong Tropical Waves Move West From AFRICA.

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Ps the Cliff Notes for this look back at 1997not th
Because I'm bored with Cristobal is...
Watch those waves off of Africa.
Watch the moisture in the SW Caribbean.
Nothing else really happening.
Hurricane History at the Bottom.

In the upper Left you see "Cristobal" moving North.
I'm not negating it's messing up the weather.
But I am not going to discuss it as Cristobal.
It's rain, tropical rain moving up from the GOM.
And that is what usually happens in the Spring.
Technically this is Spring.
(I know, time is hazy in 2020)

I'm sorry I'm just not into Cristobal anymore.
He's gone with the wind.
You wanna hunt him go for it.

It's really not that uncommon for storms to do this.
But this year we are tracking it officially.
Ps 10% Yellow area prettier but NHC dissing it.

One of the first things I learned in a class on World Economics as impacted by the basic geographic location of the various countries and how meteorology impacts their resources was...   a good majority of the Tropical Waves that leave Africa and work their way across the Atlantic into the Caribbean and then the Gulf of Mexico end up as rain over the heartland of the USA providing nourishing moisture for the crops in the late Spring and early Summer. You know that saying from the Bible about being blessed with rain at the right time that relates here as young plants need rain not drought to grow strong and stay alive. Anyone who has ever driven through a corn field during a drought knows what I mean.

I read a statistic once that 2/3 of that rain comes from this process of tropical waves from Africa or from the SW Caribbean providing our crops with beneficial rain. It was pointed out to me by a Professor who wanted everyone to get this point really well - - that countries such as Russia do not have this set up and their crops are always wanting. Well, wanting rain or nourishment or a longer growing season so Russia looks to the West and "Oh my gosh" what do they see? They see Hungary and they are hungry for the incredible wealth of produce that Hungary produces lying precisely in the perfect spot in that part of Europe to produce what Russia needs. Okay it's not just Hungary but that whole part of the Ukraine that was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Ukraine is an integral part of the "Russian" Empire for many reasons and one of them is their ability to suffice the needs that Russia has always had especially in the days before most of our products came from China. Russia prefers to shop local and their shopping local means Eastern Europe. That's why they gobbled up all those countries back when before they broke lose again. Now Russia makes agreements with them and obviously the Ukraine has been in a long battle to maintain it's freedom from "insurgents" as they are called for political reasons.  There's also the issue of the pipe line but you really aren't that into International Relations like I am so I'll leave the link for those who might be curious.

Adding in here a bit of American history North Carolina was the state that provided the troops in the South during the Civil War with the bulk of their food. It's centrally located to where the action was and blessed with a good climate for growing produce, agriculture as well as raising pork, beef and the always present chickens.  All during Covid-19 this company, as well as Farmers Markets, has been spending more money then I've ever seen on advertisement. We pass them always going down to the ocean and I wonder on them but in these days when people are worried on supply chains and how safe their products are they have turned directly to the source. out on the highway to the ocean and now advertising nonstop on Raleigh television channels. I guess as traffic to the ocean was slow, they brought the adversting to the marketplace to remind people they were there. Good idea. I miss the ocean, need to go soon.

North Carolina is a place where things grow. In Arizona you have to use irrigation and use other modern resources and it's hot as hell in the Summer but here we have more than enough rain and the crops are doing fine, both in our backyards and in the store or Farmer's Market. Note this has been a very rainy Spring in North Carolina, especially where I live and that means my allergies are at a record high and heavy rain in the Spring and Summer usually is consistent with a landfalling hurricane as well. Why? Because patterns in history repeat because they are based on other patterns that are repetitive and we are in the flow for moisture and our forests are green and beautiful and there's mold growing everywhere. 

Now you know the rest of the story and that it's not all that unusual to have a Tropical System move that far up into the backbone of our part of the world and head towards Canada. It's the general flow and where it most all the time with some variation in direction. Sometimes you get a strong Hurricane such as Camille or Agnes that creates horrendous flooding and tragedy far from the Tropics. Cristobal was thankfully not that storm, yet it did travel a great distance from the Pacific back to the Gulf of Mexico and that was after forming from rain that came off of South America because what begins in Colombia doesn't end in Columbia.


A good example of a long distance traveling tropical entity is Hurricane Danny that really was not a hurricane most of it's life, but it does get that title for the history books. Danny was the only real storm in the 1997 Hurricane Season when the "Mother of All El Ninos" came on fast and furious. That's what Time Magazine said, so I am quoting them. 1997 was an interesting year, Danny was an annoying storm that made landfall and then they tracked it's obvious entity across the Southeast and announced they would make it a named entity officially upon arrival in the Atlantic Ocean. It's one of the first times I remember the NHC ever doing that, though now days anything goes.

You can read about it for yourself if you would like.

"The system became the earliest-formed fifth tropical or subtropical storm of the Atlantic season in history when it attained tropical storm strength on July 17, and held that record until the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season when Tropical Storm Emily broke that record by several days. Like the previous four tropical or subtropical cyclones of the season, Danny had a non-tropical origin, after a trough spawned convection that entered the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Danny was guided northeast through the Gulf of Mexico by two high pressure areas, a rare occurrence in the middle of July. After making landfall on the Gulf Coast, Danny tracked across the southeastern United States and ultimately affected parts of New England with rain and wind."

A good example of a system that while being a minimal hurricane it dumped huge amounts of rain on Alabama and that region before crawling along and doing the Appalachian Trail and then jumping into the Atlantic for another swim before finally dying. Then El Nino dug in and it was pretty much the most memorable actual weather event of 1997 that was covered extensively by a group of weather people on an AOL Message board that wrote enough material that summer when bored with the tropics to feed at least 3 movies and a few unread novels. It was a great summer, personally I blame it all on El Nino.

Official Hurricane Danny Page, note the strongest winds were 80 mph but as we know it's more about the water often than the wind.

Just to show you I have an appreciation of a wide range of music, let's go with a song from the Summer of 1997. 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps. Were you expecting the Eagles or something?

Okay this is for the patient readers, thanks for your patience. Would you believe some guy watched me dance this dance for hours with my best friend in 1997 and ended up dating me 7 years later when I was single? He said he could never forget how I danced.... true story!!  I had a blast that night it was a huge, fun party with a full orchestra playing this song and I wore a beautiful red cocktail dress that spun around with me as I danced with my best friend who was very drunk. Well, not that drunk but drunk enough to dance to this song for over an hour or two nonstop. Love that girl. Come join with me, dance along with me........


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