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Saturday, May 16, 2020

UPDATED! Tropical Storm Arthur Forms - Parts of NC Outer Banks in Cne.

Arthur becomes the first storm of 2020 in May!

Note as I wrote earlier it is moving NNE.
It was forecast to move NE
They walked that back a bit.
Though time will tell what Arthur does.

Their explanation below.

Note also they show it being a stronger storm.
And, I'll add the time frame has moved up a bit.

More thoughts on this Sunday Morning.
Though want to put this here now.

The name Arthur has traced this track before.
I mentioned this in earlier blogs.
I believed it was possible for it to happen again.

In 1996 and 2014 Arthur swam through these waters.
1996 it was a Tropical Storm in June.
Followed in July by Hurricane Bertha.
Bertha made landfall and was memorable.
Though the name is here again.
Will 2020 be the year Bertha is retired?

In 2014 Hurricane Arthur formed.
It did a similar just off shore track.
Then stayed just off shore NY as well.
You can read about it in previous blogs.
I chased some storms there in NYC.

I'll update the blog on Sunday Morning.
Model Discussion.

Back to 2020...

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Watch that wave coming off Africa.
Low but they keep rolling.
N/S system in GOM setting up...
Where's Bertha?

* * * 

Earthnull confirms what Recon found.
A closed center.
Tropical Depression 1

Depression has been noving NNE but... forecast to move NE.

NHC explains why they consider this Tropical.
So, if as forecast, it attains storm status.
It will be Tropical Storm Arthur

More discussion below.
Available at NHC
Models vary on how interaction with NC plays out.
It will play out in real time.
So stay tuned.

Again the forecast Tropical Storm status showed below.

I had a wonderful Saturday.
I stayed IN because it was really HOT.
Hot and kind of Tropical.

I'll update with a few models.
And full discussion Sunday Morning.

Hope you are preparing...
...for 2020 Hurricane Season.

How do you have to alter your plans...
...for the ongoing Pandemic?

Think on that.

More storms will trace this track.
They could be hurricanes.
They could make landfall.
Stay on top of it.
Understand your risks...
in your area.
Staying home without electric?

The list goes on and on...
But it's YOUR list.
So think on it.

Be Hurricane Strong.

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


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Link to a video online.
A good video that's timely.
Be it Severe Weather or a Hurricane.


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