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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Quiet Tropics Today. Much to Watch. Not Much Expected to Develop Today. How to Shop For a Hurricane On a Budget

NHC has decreased possibilities down to Zero.
It's mostly a "yes we know we are watching it" statement.
You can see below the area being watched for development.

On vacation. Short on time.
Mike's page is so easy to use.

Note the map below.
It shows you the highs and the lows.

It shows the waves.
The fronts.
Note there ARE fronts in July.
Remember that come late August.
Come September that's important.

Learn to read this discussion linked below:

Then after you read the discussion look at these graphics below. It shows what's going on or not going on. But they are pieces of a puzzle not that hard to put together.

The purple areas highlighted below.....
Area off Africa....
Front stalled out E coast.
Always watch stalled out fronts.
Sometimes they are subtropical.
Always watch.
MDR area red purple dying waves.

It all adds up to nothing developing soon.
But plenty to watch in the tropics for fun.
Discussion, maybe an Invest.
This is the time the water is heating up.
The shear and SAL play their cards.
Waves keep waving.
You are supposed to be preparing.

Enjoy the weather.
Evaluate your needs in case of a hurricane.
It's late July.
Generally quiet times in the tropics.
Much useless discussion online if you want it.
If you want to discuss MJO or such...go for it.
If you want to wave watch (I do) enjoy it.
But prepare for the real season about 3 weeks from now.
September and into October this year.

I'm concerned along the East Coast.
I'm concerned the GOM will have more trouble.

We could have some fish storms.
It happens.
But don't bet the farm....
...or spend the money on hurricane supplies.

Choose wisely what to do.
And enjoy the beautiful weather.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... You can do this the easy way and save money...

Or not... your choice. 
Choose wisely....

And remember if you live in a low lying area.
Your store may need to close early....
...before you get your shopping done.


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