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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why Deal With Winter? Move South Even IF Just For The Winter.... Carolina is Good... Snows and Then Melts Fast. South Florida Truly Paradise. Live Like It's Margaritaville ALL The Time!

Just why?
I don't get why people live there.
I've been to Boston (in the summer)
Even August can be cold!
But in the winter?

Granted my Great, Great Grandparents came from over there, up north where it was cold all the time even in the summer (by Florida standards) and dealt with winter for a good part of the year. But over time we evolved, migrated and some distant relative heard about a "beautiful place after a long sea voyage" and he docked in Key West and found it good and put down roots. He opened a tinware shop, dabbled in tobacco and invested in Real Estate. Several generations later my son sells Real Estate in places that truly look as if they came from a magazine touting the beauty of the Garden of Eden. I mean look at this picture below. You could be lying on that chase lounge feeling the rays of the sun (with sun screen of course) listening to the gulls circling high up above with a view worth every dollar you spend. Why do people live where winter can last more than the three calendar months? 

My great, great uncle sold real estate in Tampa.
Anna Maria Island and Holmes Beach.

Yes once every few decades there's a hurricane.
Once every winter there ARE Nor'easters
3 Nor'easters this March.
Another on the way...
Why can't they just call them:

I miss hurricane season.
I miss watching west bound tropical waves.
I enjoyed the snow flakes that fell yesterday.
They are mostly melted.
You know why?
Cause we live Down South!!
Go Carolina!

It snows. It melts.
The sun is out the next day.

Soon I'll be back in Florida.
Can drive it in one day easily!!

Apparently the Gov of CT is on... 
Apparently CT is closed.
Amtrak isn't running.

Just why do you need to be that person?

Okay it's a lot of money for a lot.
But oh my goodness what a lot it was..

The breeze on that lot is awesome.
A warm, soft, balmy breeze.
Think about it.
Move South.

Look at that house.
Palm trees.
Green Yard!
No snow.....

Great schools!!
Kids playing outside all year.

Just do it.
Live the Florida Lifestyle.
Even if just for the winter.
Be a Snowbird!!!
Fly South...

Dig out, get your power back and find a place in paradise. Even if it's just for the winter... seriously the only people who should be out in a Nor'Easter are people being paid to who work for The Weather Channel!

Besos BobbiStorm.

Ps... On any given day my other son Moe and his wife and baby are having breakfast here in Hollywood Florida. They get in the car around the block (hang left at Hollywood Blvd) and order coffee and breakfast with a view. This can be your view....

Just across the street from Margaritaville!

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