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Friday, December 08, 2017

Spoiler Alert. Southern Snow Storm --- Out Performing Forecast.

Good morning!

Just a note to say that Winter has arrived early in the South. And, what I want you to think about while I'm having kick ass coffee in Savannah and getting back on the road for Raleigh is this . . .

Do not expect La Nina to save you or deliver nasty weather. Weather evolves unlike climate that accumulates as does unexpected snowfall. Forecasts are often busted in La Nina years and as I have said often there are no two El Ninos that are the same and that goes for La Ninas. It is what it is and just as we are watching this snow event in the South will we watch the Winter of 2017 - 2018 evolve. Stay tuned.

When Texas gets snowflakes and Atlanta gets a winter weather advisory...what happens in Atlanta does not stay in Atlanta but moves on up into North Georgia and the Carolinas. Climate is the sum total of all our yesterday's weather averaged together. 

Weather is as always tricky!

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Woke up with an alert on my phone for a Winter Weather Advisory. Can you imagine if we didn't forecast a Category 1 Hurricane and suddenly issued a warning before a cone? All hell would break loose in the tropical meteorology world but in the South when it comes to a snow forecast it's totally normal. And, when the NWS discussion begins to warn of "possible snow islands" with higher accumulations I smile and am pretty amazed that I seem to now know winter weather as well as I do hurricanes. Shaking my head and smiling at the thought of seeing anything from snowflakes to "possible snow islands" and getting back on the road back home.


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