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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Houston Floods But CNN & MSNBC Cover Politics. Pathetic. LIVE RESCUES... Human Tragedy, Historical Event Ignored Still. TWC Doing an Incredible Job. Days of Misery Since Harvey Left Africa

Rescues ongoing.
Many missing.
Over a 1,000 rescued.
Unable to keep up with the totals.
National Tragedy.
Texas Tragedy.

wv_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Moisture from the GOM...
..being pumped up and dumped over Texas.
Rain moving towards Sabine River region.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

This is BEYOND anything we imagined. This is historical flooding, using the word EPIC and memorable and one of the stories of the year if not the decade. Depends how it plays out over the NEXT SEVERAL DAYS as the forecast is for this to be over Texas longer than it takes to drive across Texas and that's a long time. Usually hurricanes make landfall and move on, sometimes slowly but they move on. Harvey hangs on in the same way it hung on while it traversed the Caribbean after many forecasters insisted it was dead and would rain itself out over Central America. Some feared it could hang on and get into the Gulf of Mexico and become a dangerous hurricane; nothing like Katrina but still a hurricane. This is NOTHING like Katrina in that Katrina was a levee failure that NEVER should have happened. New Orleans survived the hurricane but did not survive man and government's worse instincts to not be on top of the details. In a town that is protected by a levee the levee needs to be always in perfect condition and the pumps need to always be working. It's like Katrina but different and it's far from over. And more pathetically (my word of the day) the government officials don't seem to know how to maintain ALL of the pumps at the same time. It cannot be that hard and it is criminal in my mind that those pumps are not working at the height of the hurricane season.

Harvey has been a problem from the beginning. I've said here often that you have to beware of storms that taste blood early on and keep on going despite negative conditions. A series of 3 strong waves moving off of Africa, one of which became 91L, contributed to the conditions that led to the mudslide in Sierra Leone. Over 500 people died there and hundreds are still missing.

Then it moved out into the Atlantic and became 91L and then 91L begat Tropical Storm Harvey on August 17th and it aimed at the Islands where it caused flooding and some destruction. Then Harvey went Category 4 and it became a biblical like plague that Texas cannot seem to get rid of... or at least for the next week and then comes clean up and rebuilding. I'm sure like Katrina people will ask "why do they live there if it's a bayou?" and my reply is give me a break there is no place in America that doesn't have some sort of extreme weather or natural disaster.

Many forecasters were ready to stick a fork in it and the NHC discontinued covering it with the caveat that models showed it reforming down the line closer to the Yucatan and GOM or BOC.

And it did. Again Harvey made landfall and again created a mess, misery and it continued moving on to it's next target.

Category 4.

The amazing part here is that models called it coming back to life and the models called for historic rainfall.

Understand days ago, well over a week ago there was concern on historic flooding. Models showed the potential for heavy rain over Texas from the storm before the first dropsonde was dropped into Harvey we knew this could happen. As the new data went into the models they began to put out incredible flooding totals for the general area of Houston and much of the Texas coastline.  Back on August 22nd, Tuesday when Harvey was an EX-HARVEY Mike put up projected rainfall totals and concerns.

Yet CNN and MSNBC don't seem to feel it's worth going live. Pathetic. May be a long time before I watch Morning Joe and usually I do that while drinking my morning coffee. I am a huge news junkie, but THIS IS THE NEWS today. And it will be the NEWS story all WEEK and it's pathetic

Spoiler Alert to the "NEWS STATIONS" our house is in chaos, one of the largest cities in America is in chaos, towns outside of Houston are in chaos and some towns along the coast have suffered catastrophic, historical damage from Category 4 Harvey and it's associated convective mass dumping flooding rain and forecast to do so for days. I'm sorry am I missing something? Does Texas not matter? Maybe it does need to secede and become a Republic as many have said over time who feel a sort of pride to being Texans. Because it seems the general media doesn't think it's worth covering. And yet online we have been discussing the possible, historic flooding for a week and watching it unfold in real time is horrendous yet the way the "news channels" are ignoring it is horrendously, pathetic.

A week ago... Mike posted this.

I know I did in the blog here.
Just using Mike as an example.
On August 25th again he posted...
...Harvey was intensifying.
The BIG concern was the flooding.
The flooding down the road.
Over the next five days.

I have said many times I am an Independent politically. I vote conservative sometimes, liberal other times and often for the candidate I feel is the best fit for the job. I did not vote for Trump, this is not a political post today. It is one of total disgust that on a Sunday Morning when we are dealing with a live, news event; a news event of the year possibly CNN and MSNBC are barely showing the human tragedy while doing their regular talking points bickering on how much they dislike Trump and what horrible thing he has done this week. Again I am not a huge fan, but I am losing patience with CNN and MSNBC who I suppose feel if there is no angle to the story for them they will not cover it and it's disgusting. 

I studied journalism in college as part of my overall degrees and I know a story when I see one. I'm posting this picture again here, twice for impact. IF THIS IS NOT A NEWS STORY WHAT IS? Bicker politics tomorrow or next week, trust me the politics won't go away. But this IS the story, this is what needs to be on air. The job of a journalist is to DISSEMINATE THE NEWS. To follow the news, to advise, warn and educate the public about news stories as soon as possible. This morning, short of nuclear war or an asteroid wiping out the whales after landing in the Pacific NOTHING is bigger news than this. Economically, if you are that cold hearted, this is a huge news story as Houston is a large port, producer of chemicals, oil and AG in all the areas also affected but not mentioned. Days of roads being covered by moving water will need to be repaired, rebuilt and missing people will have to be found and bodies recovered after the rescues are finished. And this is forecast to go on for days. 

Look at the current radar below. This is not going away. Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is being funneled and slammed into Texas and some of that may move towards the Louisiana area as well. This is an area that had localized heavy flooding most of the summer, so adding insult to injury they can't take anymore. 

Look at the deep reds ...
...pulling moisture out of the GOM.

And it's August.
Hurricane Season has only just begun.

sat_ir_enh_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Pray. Give charity.
Give thanks you have a home.
You are not flooded.
Prepare and Stay Informed.

TWC and FOX are covering it.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Ps... When it rains it pours.
More tropical problems to come.
But few will come close to being Harvey.
The Harvey name will be retired.

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