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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Winter in Carolinas Single Digit Temps. West Coast Winter Storm. Tropical Weather in the Pacific. Trying to Stay Warm Under the Covers What;s a Warm Nose?

You know that song, "Baby it's cold outside" ??
It's stuck on a loop and playing over and over where I live.
In Raleigh we won't be above freezing until late Tuesday.

So everyone wants to know why I didn't post my pictures of the snow in Raleigh. To be honest, it's cold out there. It's actually pretty cold IN here under the covers where I am hiding until it's above freezing. Hey, Miami Girl in Raleigh is very happy under the covers. Sometimes I walk around the house and take the cover with me...  My kids sent me a purple, warm, velvet throw for my birthday which is now a Super Girl Cape BobbiStorm style. I bought cashmere leggings last winter that I didn't wear and wearing them a lot or rather as often as possible. They are so warm. Oh and I have a great sweatshirt that is fleece lined and keeps me very warm.

You think to yourself this is silly and it's winter but in Raleigh it's only winter for a few days and then BAMN the snow starts to melt and it's all over. January Thaw lasts way into February when Mother Nature makes us remember it's still winter for a few days again. I'm in the process of packing for Israel and leaving on Thursday. It will be a balmy 57 degrees there! I can put on my lightweight leggings :) I have a family wedding and I have never been to Israel and I have to go and well that's the way it goes. I'm trying to figure out Israel weather and where the storm systems come in from and listening to Israeli music to get in the mode while eating cornbread I baked today in North Carolina to stay warm. When the oven's on and something is in it I feel much warmer, I'm sure it's psychological.

In truth there are some awesome pictures up by people who actually went out in the snow when it was falling on Saturday and got incredible pictures. I keep the Jewish Sabbath so I wasn't traveling or wandering with my camera over the river or through the woods. I was inside, watching it with a cup of hot tea and staring out my big windows as the sleet, freezing rain and snow fell. It was awesome. I'm going to post a few incredible pictures I saw online Saturday night below. They are way better than any I would have taken.

This incredible photographer took these pictures.

Someone else below explains the story with a picture.
#warmnose and that's why we had freezing rain, sleet then snow.
Because we had freezing rain the roads are frozen ice under the snow.
We had less snow as we had sleet and that cuts down the snow totals.
Basically we got a little bit of all the winter weather.

It's a Southern Thang... happens often.

Up north my daughter took this awesome picture of the sunset.
From her kitchen window in Bayswater aka Far Rockaway.

She gets awesome views there.
It's awesome cold.
She'll be warm again soon.
She's awesome. 
She'll go to Israel and talk on how awesome it is.
She lived there a few times, it was awesome.
I'm cold this is as descriptive as I get while typing under the cover.
It's warm under the covers ;)

Speaking of warm it will be warm again soon in Raleigh.
The Bi Polar weather in Raleigh is doing it's thang.

Raleigh this weekend below... Winter Wonderland!!

We are going from this above to highs in the low 70s in 5 days..
Tuesday it will be 15 and the next day 59 degrees.
Tonight is expected to be in the single digits.
This is why people move to Raleigh.

They can get a taste of winter and then whoosh it's gone!

The winter weather came from Russia across the Arctic.

And then whoosh it's gone.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

You can see this Arctic dip dancing down way to the South.

Even Miami found winter finally.
Or winter found Miami...

My kids in Miami are really cold.
They are really, really cold.
Just saying.

And speaking of Tropical....
...there's something tropical in the Pacific.

You see somewhere it's always tropical.

And so as I stay warm here under the covers.
I'm going to end here cause my fingers are cold while typing.
I don't like the heater too high as it messes with my head.
Yes I know I could put on a humidifier.
I could also stay under the covers where I'm cozy.

And the weather watch moves West to California.
A very strong winter storm is causing flooding.

(I don't speak conversational Hebrew, how am I doing?)
(Go Google!!)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Enjoy the song from the great singer Gad Elbaz...
...and incredible rapper singer Nissim Black.

Composer: Gad Elbaz
Lyrics: Nissim Black

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