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Monday, December 12, 2016

December Weather. Everyone Mum on El Nino. Shhhh Let It Play Out in Real Time. Holiday Forecast... Sugar!

A tale of two worlds.
Tropical Weather down in Central America.
Winter reinforcing it's grip on the US.

Nothing unusual about that.
And that perhaps IS the news.

This year is not forecast to be like last year.

After months of arguing on El Nino everyone is quiet.
They are quiet as they are holding their breath.
Waiting to see if this is a Neutral Year...
...or an El Nino year arriving late.
Late as in time for Valentines Day!

A simple search of Tweets brings up this:

Also a lot of holiday displays . . .

There is one thing I can predict 100%

First week in January EVERYONE is dieting!

The second half of December is laden with holidays.

Jews end December with a late season Chanukah.
You don't have to be Jewish to like Potato Latkes...

Then there is Christmas on Sunday this year.
Monday being a holiday as well for most.
Long 3 Day Weekend.
Many people will want to travel.

I'll update on the travel forecast as we get closer.
Goes without saying if you be traveling...
...stay in touch with your airlines or check road conditions.

You may taking a vacation but Mother Nature is NOT!

Stay informed!

Whether you will be eating Fruit Cake

Or Jelly Donuts for Chanukah...

I predict Sugar will make a come back the last week in December ;)

You will be dieting come January 2nd!

No matter what the weather.... will be dieting ;)

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps on a quiet day in weather I'm shopping for presents.

Wish I could send everyone health, happiness and wealth this year!
Either way... be happy today!

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