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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KISS Guide Hurricane Prep... How to Shop at Publix and Keep it Sooooo Simple! What most sites won't tell you...

Keeping with my theme of a Margaritaville Hurricane Season.
Know some models spin up a not really tropical low off the East Coast.
Muddy Preakness and stormy weather on the Outer Banks

Others are wondering on what if in the GOM...
What if things were different...

Only a What IF but the Hurricane Season is not a What IF
It's coming.
Just because the last several were quiet...
...does not mean this one will be.
Start making a plan... but don't panic!
It's really simple.

Yesterday I bought a hurricane lamp for a $1 at the Dollar Store.
Works great ;)

That's expensive perfume in the blue thingie...
...I'll explain that part later in this post.

Going to talk Hurricane Preparation today....
Talking in a way that you can best understand.
Making this simple.

I want you to think on that and remember it.
Keep it simple silly...
Keep it simple sexy...
Keep it So simple!!

So let's walk our way thru the Publix sales flyer.

Publix is a grocery store down South in Florida.

My particular Publix when in town.

Location is ON THE BAY...

That means if you shop there you most likely live in an evacuation zone.

If you live in Florida you may be in an Evacuation Zone.

Google Hurricane Evacuation and your county.

If you do have to evacuate.
Do me a favor please.
Send me a screen shot of your Waze screen.
@bobbistorm on Twitter 
Thank you!

If you live near my favorite Publix....
Unless you are a storm chaser you may have to evacuate.

So well in advance of a hurricane tracking towards your town.
Make a plan.

What waze may look like if you can drive that fast....

In event of a Hurricane there is no hurry in evacuations..
..unless you leave June 1st and return November 30th.
Of course we had Alex in January.
You may need to move to Wyoming to avoid the traffic.

That is Lesson #1 of K.I.S.S.

The red is for the total state of panic you will be in if a hurricane is coming.

Relax and Keep It Simple Silly...

Let's look at this week's Publix flyer...

Before the hurricane you may want to dye your hair!
This is a practical guide from someone who has been there.
Because after the hurricane you will either be stuck in a shelter...
...or on Miami Beach without running water for days.
Unless you want dark roots... dye your hair before the storm!

That said... stock up on mouthwash NOT toothpaste!
Protein meal bars... in your favorite flavor.
If you are a chocoholic buy chocolate.

For the gals here...
Stock up on Tampons.
Sometimes low pressure brings on periods.
I said this would be practical didn't I?
Sorry guys... breathe I said Tampons and Periods.
If you are 9 months pregnant check in at the hospital.
You and parts of your family can usually camp out in the lobby.
I think you may need to register.
If you are not pregnant... stock up on Tampons.

Moving on ...
If the baby recently came... 
BUY DIAPERS like they are being taken off the market.
IF you do not get to Publix in the 1st wave...
....they will be gone, gone, gone.

If you do not have a baby in the house.
Pretend you do and buy my favorite product in a hurricane.
Baby Wipes.
After Hurricane Andrew on Miami Beach I used them for everything.
Did I mention we had no water.... think on it.
If you want to invest in the filters go for it... 
Google how to add bleach to water.. to fill up your bathtub.
You might have no water.
And... water in Miami Beach is yucky
Buy lots of baby wipes... 
Forget the salad dressing you won't have any lettuce left.
Even if you make your own organic baby food...
You will thank me.

If you have small children or a big sweet tooth.
Stock up on snacks.
Hide the snacks where no on can find them.
Check to see who found them and ...
Buy more because you don't want no surprises ... 
Publix currently has juices and crackers and cereal on sale.
Forget the organic you will need your Lucky Charms...
Go for the Pop Tarts.
If you are one of those people who think ...
"water taste like pee"
Buy flavored powders to add to the water ;)
With the power out, AC off and no running water..
You may want something to add to your bottled water!
You heard it here first.
Being honest.

This brings us to another point..
Unless you want to have a baby named Bonnie in 9 months.
Stock up on whatever your birth control of choice is...
Maybe a IUD for the Hurricane Season?

Being honest...

And just in case you want to get drunk and....

Crackers, beer and buy CAFFEINE
Trust me after Andrew all I wanted was a Coke!

Oh and if you have a little kitty cat or puppy dog.

Check out your options now before the hurricane is happening!

Next I want to talk on how you keep it together.
When you feel like you've been stranded on Gilligan's Island..
After the storm when the only people on the streets are the National Guard..


Stock up on some lipstick cause you will thank me...
Important to look and feel like Ginger after a Hurricane.
Self Esteem is important when you are showering with Baby Wipes...

If you are legal age... 
...and you need a drink.

Buy some and keep the closet stocked ...
Cause there will be no water.... electricity for blenders.


(They sell it at Publix............honest....)

Oh and keep some of your favorite perfume... will thank me even if you are the one who smells it ;)

No running water.
How did Ginger do it?
Inquiring minds want to know...

The standard list is below...
...but a pretty hot pink to catch your eye.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Feel free to tweet me with your own hurricane prep tips.

Ps...And remember this was THIS WEEK'S FLYER FROM PUBLIX
Wondering why Publix does not have a tab for Hurricane Supplies?


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