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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Omega High. Weather Stalkers. Waiting on Bonnie. Messy GOM. Hurricane Penelope

Another sign of the hurricane season almost being here... 
... commercials with tropical weather themes!

There I was not paying attention to the TV...
...probably set to TWC but on mute.
I look up for a moment and it's gone.
A hurricane on the screen...
Oh my goodness! It looked like the Tropical Update.
Alas... it was not.

Hurricane Penelope ???
I'm thinking how did I miss that one??

I'm sure you've seen it on TV.
The storm clouds caught your eyes... 
Or perhaps the words...

"a flood of potential patients" 
"a deluge of digital records" 

I'm sure that commercial has caught your eye if you are a weather person.
Especially if you are a tropical weather person.

In the Tropics today....

Nada yet pero keep watching.
That be like Miami talk for sooner or later ....over Florida.

Epac quiet ...
Pacific cold...
Messy weather in GOM 

Watching visual discussion on Spaghetti Models.
Watching water temps... they need to be warmer.

Another sign of things to come is the gathering of moisture in the GOM.

Beware of dangling fronts in the GOM

ft-animated.gif (720×480)

Trouble can flare up early and weak on either side of Florida.

The flow is too strong.
If the flow slows down.

That is what early Gulf or Bahama storms are made of...
Not a long ride but a wet, messy one.

But the Omega Block is what its all about today.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Stuck there...  Canadian air trying to move South.
Clash of the atmospheres.
Give it two or three weeks.

What is an Omega Block you ask?

What's in the Gulf of Mexico now?
Using our Xray vision... trouble.
More storms over Tampa and Miami.
West Palm Beach is included...

This time of year is complicated.
Its when Mother Nature stops juggling for a minute...
...that trouble begins.

Quoting Mike from Spaghetti Models here.

Til then we watch.....

We are basically weather stalkers.
We watch... from a distance via satellite imagery.

Those are grits not clouds.
Some salt and pepper and lots of butter.

I was in a restaurant today trying to think, sip my coffee and pick at my grits. Grits are not a carb they are a vegetable where I come from so I had a vegetable and some butter ;) if you know what I mean. Some guy nearby was watching me while I wrote poetry and my grits got cold. He had a Cheerwine, wine of this part of the country up there with Sweet Tea. He was watching me as he talked, and then kept looking away. Why do guys do that? Really? Few actually approach and they get all nervous when you see them watching you... which usually is a compliment not a problem. People watch, people wonder.... we do it all the time. We watch the satellites... the loops... every cloud formation that gets some color or a bit of spin.

Years ago we started out here.
Still a good place in it's way.

Amazing huh?
Back then you could go online and....
...look up old girl friends or stalk a storm from outer space.
Or both...

I met a guy in a restaurant in South Beach once who asked me out...
He sang ...Cyan.. 
Nice man... 
Beautiful eyes, soulful voice.
Playful smile.
He watched me sip my Cafe Con Leche.

This picture was hanging on the wall.
See... nothing really changes.
We are all stalking weather loops.
....wondering on Bonnie.

Now days we use more complicated sites.
And yet until something forms...
...its all foreplay and fantasy.
Remember that!

Besos BobbiStorm 
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Join the conversation...

Ps. Dangling participles and fronts are always a concern.


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