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Sunday, April 24, 2016

And the Pattern Continues. Purple Rain and Waiting for Spring Rain to Change into Tropical Rain on Passover.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

So that's the weather tonight.
Not a lot going on of a huge kind of interest.

Moisture in the Gulf of Mexico.
Some will move N towards the Deep South.
The rest of it will move East towards Florida.

A large Low is swirling way off the coast of Carolina.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Again remember there has been moisture in the GOM ongoing for weeks.
That may be something worth remembering in a few weeks.
Over towards Africa we have the usual dry air and wet air.
Moisture forms low and it's too early to go there.
But never forget to remember.

Further West over the Atlantic we see it's not time yet.

Again note the moisture over the GOM and also..
...notice the storms coming off of South America headed to the Epac.

So that's weather today and tomorrow.

What else? 
Sorry I've been on a sort of working vacation the last week.
A brief explanation on my life so you can see from where I am coming....

I've been busy with the first 2 days of Passover.
They are very busy, hectic and fun.
We had 8 for one meal.
12 people for lunch.
Then 8 for dinner.
I lost track today at lunch.
Some company are leaving tomorrow.
Other parts of the family are coming in tomorrow.
It's like frontal boundaries draped across America moving in unison.
Or draped all over the living room, porch, bedrooms and in the kitchen.

As I write this I'm  drinking Sangria from left over wine from the Passover meals. It's a Ball Jar.. Mason Jar.. I live part of the year in North Carolina so we do that Miami would be a cute pitcher ;)

Wine...not the old fashioned Manischewitz wine...the kosher kind from Trader Joes.

Pineapple Juice left in the can from a salad
1 pineapple slice
Black Cherry Kosher for Passover soda from New York (tastes a lot like Cheerwine

Sugar cause the wine from Spain is very dry....

So you can understand I have been out of it for the last few days preparing for the holiday, getting the house ready for guests from Florida and New York and shopping and not really watching the weather that much.

Oddly I had complained so much about seeing the nonstop election coverage on the news that I almost feel guilty for wishing it would go away. Rather than watch the election coverage or The Weather Channel I watched two days coverage of the death of Prince. You know of Purple Rain fame.

Not to be confused with Deep Purple ...
...another song and another memory.

I lived in LA once upon the time.
It didn't rain much... just mentioning that.
But I remember the weekend I was in LA and Prince changed his name.
There were massive billboards up on Sunset Blvd.
Old name... had to be changed over to new name.
Whatever... it was a part of my life.
Very vibrant, very there and a very long time ago.

Prince evolved over time.
And yet in ways he always stayed himself.
Kept singing, recording.
A true artist.

Sad to see him go.

Nice to be able to remember a time you could just go crazy ..
...and dance and dance and dance.

So back to my so called life....

Part of the annual rite of the passage of time.

When you get thru Passover you hit that point where...
.... you put away the Passover pots and pans.
The guests leave.
You clean up the house.

And you start to seriously watch the water vapor loops.
You move into the end game.
Past the boring days of waiting for the Hurricane Season to begin.
You move into what could be called Pre-Season.
Talk on Hurricane Preparation.
Talk on possible tropical rotation.
Talk on the names for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season 

Will we get past Lisa?
Will we get to Lisa?

Only time will tell...

And, I'll be here telling it.
But first.... need to get through Passover.

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... a tribute to all those we've loved and lost.


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